Google Apps says domain already registered when it wasn’t

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    I would like to set up email forwarding for my domain that is hosted at WordPress, i.e. emails sent to (email redacted) should forward to my gmail account.

    I first tried to set up email forwarding through, where my domain is registered. However, says that it is “verifying MX records”. help says that I need to change the MX records on my domain’s host.

    Could not find a way to do this on

    Instead, on, I found which provides instructions to try and set up Google Apps. However, when I put in my domain name on Google Apps (, it tells me that this domain has already been registered – I do not remember doing this.

    So, now I am stuck – since requires the “verification code” from Google Apps registration, and I cannot register an already registered domain, I don’t see how I can set up email forwarding.

    Any help much appreciated.

    [Email address removed – Mark]



    Nobody will email you the answer; questions are answered here where they’re asked and it’s your responsibility to keep checking back. Spammers will pick up your email address, though, so I’ll stick a modlook tag on this and perhaps staff will edit out your email.



    You need to contact Google. The issue lies with them and there is nothing we can help with, sorry.



    Thanks for responses and for removing the email.
    Seems like others have run into this issue? Has anyone else found a solution?
    Meanwhile, will contact google.

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