Google Apps subscription Suspended – please Activate

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    I purchased my domain name on 7 August.
    At the same time I also purchased Google App so I could customise my email to my domain name.

    I cannot log in to my Google Apps account and have been directed to do a DNS/CNAME change (which I have done several times now).

    In the WordPress Domain Management page (emails) an error says that the Google Apps has been SUSPENDED and I am to contact WordPress.

    I have contacted Google and spoken to their team and they have isolated this to WordPress suspending my google apps on 7 August.

    Please get back to me to fix this up as I need to align my email and domain address urgently.

    Many thanks.

    Please contact me via email to (email redacted) (because I cannot log in to the domain account).

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, were you able to resolve this already? Usually if it says it’s “suspended” it really just means you need to accept their terms of service. I can see the account is currently Active, so if it’s still saying suspended there, please let us know the full wording of the error you received and we’ll check it out. Thanks!

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