Google Authenticator 2.0.0 and 2-step authentication issues

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    If you are using the iOS app Google Authenticator for our 2-step authentication process, there was a recent update of the app to 2.0.0 that inadvertently wiped all data upon upgrading.

    If you haven’t already updated your app, Google has pulled it for now and is reworking it.

    If you have, you can add back by navigating to and generating a new application password. In the Google Authenticator app you then need to enter (ignoring their @ prompt) and the code you just generated on For more help, see .

    If you cannot access your account in light of this issue, please go to and click on “Need more help?”. On the contact form, be sure to note that you have updated your Google Authenticator app and need further assistance with your account.



    Google has released a new version of the Google Authenticator app. If you were having issues with 2.0.0, please update to the newest version, which restores previous codes that work properly.

    Once you have downloaded the new version and tested it, you can delete the first set of codes that display in the app (not the app itself!) and use the second set as normal.

    If you continue to have problems with this app, to contact us directly, please go to and click on “Need more help?”.

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