Google Authenticator keeps saying Error: Invalid Codes

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    My name is Har, and the website I need help with is

    I got a new Iphone on Boxing Day, and my Google Authenticator App hasn’t been working since Jan 1.

    I’ve disabled, enabled, and disabled the two-step authenticator on my new Iphone, and computer several times and I still get an Error Invalid message.

    I was still able to re-set my password, but everytime I try to put in the Google Authenticator Codes from my new Iphone I still end up getting an Error Invalid Message.

    I made by using my friends email address. My email is (email redacted) and my site is

    Can you please go to security and get ride of the Google Two-Step Authenticator for me. I have a lot of articles I need to write, and publish, and I would much appreciate any help from WordPress Support.

    Thank You

    Email: (email redacted)
    Twitter: @harjournalist



    Do you get this error message inside the Authenticator App or elsewhere?

    Please make sure that you carefully follow the Two Step Authentication
    instructions at

    Looking forward to your reply.


    Hi Kardotim

    I was able to get it all sorted out on Monday night after Account Recovery emailed and assisted me. I can finally get back to writing.

    Thank You for your help :)




    Awesome! Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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