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Google+ authorship

  1. Is the Google+ authorship function available for users? If so, are there tips for incorporating it? If not, will it be available soon?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No and no.

  3. Is there a reason WordPress doesn't play nice with Google? I'm considering leaving the platform because of it's inflexibility.

  4. Do your understand what the differences are between free standing blogs from and blogs which are all hosted on this multi-user blogging platform ie. they are not free standing? Read this please >

  5. Thanks <and I'm picking up your condescension loud and clear>. Is there a way to migrate from to without breaking my blog?

  6. My question was a sincere one. There was no condescension coming from me and any that you think exists must be coming from projection by yourself due to your own unhappiness with the situation ie., not hearing the answers that you want to hear.

    "Breaking your blog" is not an issue given that all you can move is the content and not the theme. No themes are exportable as and run on different software.
    See here:

  7. Do note that the Forever theme, which you are using here at is based on the Colorway theme, which is a theme.

  8. christianokwena

    Yes it is available. You will need to tweak the html code a little bit then paste it as a widget on your sidebar.
    If you follow the search results page below, you will see my blog showing my g+ author profile.

    If the link fails to work, search for: "christiano kwena creativity"
    don't include the quotes, and you will see the demo

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