Google Bots Disallowed – Privacy says allow!?

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    Well, I have’nt been cached in google and it isn’t that they banned me. I have a page rank of 5 and the reason why is because my site isn’t allowing them. That shows that they are dissallowed yet I have my privacy settings allowing search engines. I really need help, urgently.



    Alright I am in major need of help, I think if someone could edit the file where the Disallow: / is to Allow: / search engines could index me find again.



    Someone mentioned a similar issue a couple of months ago. You should be able to find it using the Search box at the top of the forums.

    Staff hours don’t start for another 11 hours, if you want to wait for them instead.



    I ran a search and found nothing that would help me. I have been in google for quite some time and then I just dissapeared. In google apps, rather than google blocking me I am blocking google. If maybe a new IRL bot could come or I could have a robots.txt simalar to it may fix it.
    The domain name came from another site, and that may have edited my robots.txt file. I will need someone to fix this.



    wweadam: your robots.txt was blocked by staff. Please contact support if you’d like to discuss why.



    Woah. I’m contacting them immeadiatly, I will be so glad if they unblock it.

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