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  1. GetSocial Live can now generate Google Buzz buttons for your blog!
    It's fast, easy to use and absolutely free :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. TIP: For best results use permalinks (instead of shortlinks) with the Google Buzz button.

  3. Thanks so much for letting us know about this.

  4. It looks as though GetSocial Live can generate either a Google Buzz button or a lineup of the usual suspect buttons (FB, etc.). I admit that I'm not familiar with GSL, and that I took a rather quick look, so sorry if I'm missing something.

    Is it possible to add Google Buzz to the lineup?

  5. @Andrew
    It's there. Look for this:
    -- Classic (300px x 27px)
    -- Mini (200px x 18px)
    -- Design (400px x 36px)
    -- Design Mini (300px x 27px)
    -- Text Links (Font Size: 8pt)
    Google Buzz (50px x 50px , Alpha Channel)getsocialliive@twitter
    Select and click.

  6. @tt I saw that. It's a select-one list. If I select Google Buzz, the preview shows me Google Buzz only. If I select one of the others, the preview shows me the lineup, which doesn't include Google Buzz. Surely I might want to give my readers the options of using Google Buzz or Facebook or that bird-thing with the whale or...

  7. I thought I'd just do it twice and then have them all. lol :D

  8. The service (Google Buzz) is barely a week old. To be honest I only added it to GetSocial Live as a gimmick. If it will stick around, and gain popularity, I will add it to the standard toolbar.

  9. Nice one :)

  10. nice button service

  11. So exactly how would this or any of the other buttons end up on my blog? All I see are links to

  12. You copy the code that Getsocial supplies and paste it into your HTML editor. The URLs you're seeing are for the IMAGES, not the DESTINATIONS of the links.

  13. Where is this HTML editor to insall Getsocial on my blog dashboard.

  14. @rickbene
    We cannot "install" anything into blogs. We do not have FTP access to our blogs and we cannot edit our templates so social bookmarks automatically appear on our posts.

    The social bookmarks must be created and added to each individual post by visiting site and inputting the title and short link URL to the post. Then you click "getsocial" and copy and paste the code into the HTML editor at the end of your post and publish it.

  15. @rickbene
    The support documentation for the HTML editor is located here >
    I hope this helps you. :)

  16. No it does not help me. I clicked the "getsocial" button and it took me to a page at Yahoo Buzz that had a heading for "getsocial", not what I inputted into that template at getsocial. Nothing from my blog link appeared. It seems to be a method to trick people into getting hits for the "getsocial" site.

    If not then why wasn't the heading referencing what I inputted into the template? Does not make any sense to me.

    Why am I unable to find an html tutorial or code to copy where I can past in my links to the code and place it in my blog? Can anyone provide a link to a page here or elsewhere that has such html code?

    What do I mean? Well, suppose I want to create a reference link in an html widget. I don't know html, but there are sites that have such codes available for copy and pasting. I copy the >"> Visit Our Site

    Can someone give me a link to a site that will do this for me to add the buttons to my blog?

    Thank you.

  17. Some of what I wrote disappeared! What I want is the working example for a button to Google Buzz, Newsvine etc, and then I past my link in place of the example link in the proper place. I do this now with text widgets.

    Thank you.

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