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Google Calendar embed? Can you add iframe into text widget?

  1. Google enables you to place a small "month view" events calendar within your webpage or blog. Their configuration tool generates the HTML to insert. I don't know anything about iframes but I see that it is part of the google-generated codeblock. When I inserted it into a text widget, the calendar did not display.

    Am I using the wrong widget or doing something else wrong?

    thank you!

  2. ooops. I meant to include the link to GOOGLE's help page on embedding their calendar into a blog:

  3. Won't work; because of our security restrictions, iFrames and many dynamic embeds are stripped out.

  4. For reference, it's been discussed before.

  5. thank you both --

    and drmike -- normally I always check search first, but this past week i'd had so many occasions on various help forums where the item I was looking for wasn't addressed, that I short-circuited it this time and just posted. wouldn't you know this time there's be multiple direct hits.

    sorry bout that.

    I did read about someone who seemed to get RSS feed version to work, but that one seemed to be the anamoly, and others could not get it to display properly.

    TANGENTIAL NOTE: How hard IS it to run the "host your own blog" wordpress software? I do have a hosting account with plenty of bandwidth, and the blog i'm using is really mostly for a CMS, and not for blog entries every, and the audience is small: it's more of a neighborhood resource mini-site.

    Perhaps you could point me to an FAQ or topic on costs/benefits of hosting one's own. Seems to me it's not worth the hassle of admin responsibilities to get Google Calendar integrated, but upon reading further I see that even YouTube videos can't be posted. ... That's quite restrictive... @?!@

  6. What are you reading? I've posted literally hundreds of YouTubes. Dead easy.

  7. i mistook the code-stripping in comments to assume (WRONGLY!) that it was also some security vulnerability in posts. okay, well that's great to know! and i also saw that piece of advice to place them after a -more- tag. The internets. what would we do without the tubes.

  8. Actually I gave you the search link as I thought there was a rss workaround but I was kind of busy yesterday. :)

  9. ahah! - gracias, Dr Mike ... now, as I'm a newbie I have to ask: Am *I* supposed to mark this topic as RESOLVED or does a moderator? thank you

  10. Either/or. If you're done, feel free. I'll go ahead and mark it as such.

    It doesn't close out the thread or anything if that's what you're thinking.

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