Google calendar embedded but not displaying

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    I have multiple Google calendars embedded on several different pages. One of the calendars is displaying properly, linked here.

    One calendar is showing up in the source code, but does not display on the page. It is here.

    Both are identical as far as I can tell.


    The blog I need help with is


    The links in the previous post are broken, here are the correct ones.

    Working page:

    Not Working:



    I’m no code expert, but it’s possible you put one in the HTML editor and one in the Visual editor. Tinker with that on the Calendar page, as I don’t see it converted to the shortcode in the code.


    I found out that the problem was with the default margins generated by Google. Google was creating a 800×600 iframe, but my posts are only 640 wide.

    Thank you for the suggestion though.

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