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    Is there any chance to have a google calendar embed object?




    I typed “google calendar” into the forum search box to confirm my answer to your question. We cannot have iframe embeds for our blogs



    Feel free to submit this as a suggestion though from your dashboard though. I remember a thread where we discussed adding in a HTML link to it over at Google’s site but I can’t find it right off.



    Does anyone know if there is any work being done on adding a features that would allow a google calendar? This would be an awesome feature. I sent it as a feature request through my Dashboard but I didn’t get a reply.
    Has anyone heard anything about this being developed? It’s almost a deal breaker for me… almost. I LOVE WORDPRESS!



    I haven’t heard anything but, as stated above, you’re free to send in a feedback and ask staff directly.




    Here’s a way to get your Google Calendar in a WordPress blog. Use an RSS Sidebar widget to display the RSS / XML feed of your particular calendar. Just click “Calendar Settings” beside the calendar you want to share. Then copy the link under the “XML” button on that page, and paste it into an RSS Sidebar widget. Now, the calendar has to be public for this to work, but it does work… I’ve tried it.

    Woo Hoo!



    Hi all! I tried this, and it doesn’t work as expected. When clicking through to the event via the RSS Widget, instead of taking me to this page:

    it goes here:

    which appears as a raw XML file and is very confusing.

    The feed URL (please pardon the length) is:

    Any way to have it link to the proper place? Thank-you!



    I tried the feed URL that you gave, clicked on a link and got an error message from teh browser.

    I’m hoping someone else can pitch in here and make a suggestion as I don’t use Google Calendar myself.




    I also use Google Calendar and am trying to use its feed through a sidebar RSS widget. Same thing for me: clicking an event link hops you over to the raw xml instead of the event’s page.

    If there’s a fix, I’d be interested to know, as well.



    Any updates or results on this issue?



    No – sorry. You are advised to send in a feedback request to staff.



    Hi, I’m trying the same thing (Google as RSS).

    This is how far I’ve got (Sorry, large bits of code being posted here).

    URL of xml of the google calendar I’m using:

    Example of an “entry” element from that xml:

    	<category scheme='' term=''/>
    	<title type='text'>AU Forum</title>
    	<summary type='html'>When: Tue 6 Nov 2007 5pm to 6pm&amp;nbsp;
    <br>Event Status: confirmed</summary>
    	<content type='text'>When: Tue 6 Nov 2007 5pm to 6pm&amp;nbsp;
    <br>Event Status: confirmed</content>
    	<link rel='alternate' type='text/html' href='' title='alternate'/>
    	<link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/>
    		<name>Liverpool University Canoe Club</name>

    Event URL from there which fails to open in my browser, and is the one being chosen by WordPress RSS widget, is the one contained in the “id” tag, and again, as the “href” parameter in the <link rel='self'... tag.

    Event URL from there which does work, but is not chosen by Wordprss RSS widget, is the one contained in the “href” parameter in the <link rel='alternate... tag

    So its possible that google calendar app is making a mistake in the first URL. I will leave feedback at google first in case of that possibility.
    Second choice is I’ll leave feedback at wordpress, in case the team there are prepared to tweak the RSS widget to read from the <link rel='alternate... tag in the case of google calendars.

    If you know another solution – e.g. if there is a way to convert the google “xml” output into “better” RSS, then please post here,




    Noticed that the URLs which are not working produce error “Internet Explorer does not
    support this feed format,” rather than a 404.

    I have posted a query in google forums in case the problem is with the URLs returned, or with their content.

    However, it may not actually be a google bug.

    I wonder if it may be possible for to make a work-around, whereby the RSS widget chooses the “link” element which has the best “type” – in this case ‘text/html’

    I will leave feedback on the off-chance.




    OK, well feedback from is that google calendar xml is not supported at the moment, which is understandable, as its feed is not strictly rss.

    I’m looking at how to convert the xml to proper rss before passing it. Maybe someone already done that? Will post here if any joy.


    in theory, you could use this tool to convert the iCal feed into an RDF feed, and put that in a widget:

    it doesn’t work for me, though.



    How frustrating, “him indoors” has just got himself a “blogspot” blog, and has been able to embed his google calendar using the iframe method immediately :-(
    He is now crowing that blogspot is better, which its obviously _not_ !!!!

    Has anyone found a way of hooking up their (google or other) calendar successfully on a site, via the rss widget or any other way?

    I am going to get round to moving my stuff to my account, where of course I can choose my own settings and then add an iframe. But I’m not going to be ready to “move home” for a good while yet. So any ideas on this would be great.

    I also need to be able to tell my dearest that my blog is better than his.




    We cannot have iframe embeds for our blogs



    Hoooooray!!!! Done it!

    The clue was on another thread about google share something.

    The answer is:

    1. Take the google html url
    2. Add the “options” to the end of it, to make it display “future events” in a sensible order
    3. Go to
    4. Add it into there
    5. Use regular expressions to pick out the title, content and link (Be careful, you want the link rel, not link self)
    6. Export it
    7. Copy _that_ url into your rss widget.




    YAY! indeed. :-) Thanks for sharing the solution.



    Very, very slick! Thanks for that: I’m sure this will be helpful for a LOT of people.

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