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Google calendars

  1. Hello
    I've managed to embed the google calendar into the text widget but how do I manage to activate it as it says in the write up in the support section

    Also how do I add things on the calendar as I know it can be done as it says in the support section to do with calendars.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's a protected blog, and I'm afraid since we can't see what you're doing, we can't really help with that.

    You can google how to use a Gcal, including how to add events.

  3. Oh of course I have, sorry! Ok and I take it it can work even on a I theme 2 site?

  4. Ive tried googling on how to add events, but dont really understand how that can transfer to wordpress, can anyone please help????

  5. thistimethisspace

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  6. You can add a Google Calendar following this guide:

    You'll add and manage items on the calendar through Google Calendar, not us.

  7. @MacmanxYeah, I got that bit, doing it through the google calendar...but HOW does that then go to the wordpress site?

    In other words, I make an event over at google calendars but how does that transfer to the google calendar embedded here at the wordpress site please?

    Thank you

  8. If the event is publicly published in the public calendar that you have embedded, it will appear wherever the calendar is embedded on the blog.

  9. @macmanx ok, and how do I check that..? I've embedded the calendar into the widget etc...but when I look at it on the site, its just a calendar, no how do I get the event to show in the widget on the site....

    Or do I add the event in the google calendar on the google site...then update ....will it then show in the widget on the site...?

  10. Yes, you add the even to the Google Calendar, on Google. Then, it will appear in your widget.

  11. Right, I'll try that, and let you know how I get on if that's ok...?

  12. Sure, please do.

  13. Hi, right, ok, ive had a go at this, is their a measurement limit, as im attempting to make the width and height bigger - .1000-1000 so i can see the things written, but it goes back to a different number....

  14. That was for @macmanx seeing as he was helping by the end.

  15. Can you please give me a link to the post or page with the problem?

  16. It's set at private at mo, as I don't want people to see it till its launched properly....and I can't invite you personally can I?

  17. No, but I'm staff, so I can see it even if others can't. Just leave the URL here and I'll check it out.

  18. Does this help?

    Or this....

    On Tuesdays I've made entries, but as you can see, these aren't visible, how do I change this please? I did earlier just use the agenda view, but think the month view would be nicer....

  19. "Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them," is what I see.

    The events themselves need to be made public to be displayed.

  20. does that mean the site will then be visible please?

  21. No, your blog's Privacy is still controlled via Settings -> Reading in your blog's Dashboard, but you need to make the events that you add to your Google calendar publicly visible in order for them to be visible in the embedded calendar.

  22. Thought so, but thought I'd better check. Ok, altered the relevant settings so calendar is now visible...but why is it refusing to allow me to paste the new HTML and automatically goes back to the initial settings and dimensions? It allowed me to change before so why is it refusing now? X

  23. The embedded calendar is constrained by the small dimensions of the widget area. You won't be able to go larger than those.

  24. I have before? I actually got it bigger then changed it again, so how did that happen please?

    How do I get the writing to show then if I have some writing around night time as its not currently showing under these dimensions.

    Thank you as always.

  25. Are you referring to the calendar in your sidebar, or have you embedded the calendar on another post or page?

  26. Nope the widget in the sidebar where it says to put the embed code and where the dimensions I've put were bigger than the ones being allowed currently yet was allowed before.

  27. At the end of the shortcode in the widget, you have this: width="200" height="200"

    You can adjust the height and width there. It looks like the maximum width for the calendar in the sidebar area is 250, so you won't be able to get much widget, but you can increase the height by as much as you want.

  28. Yes that's right, that's what I've seen too, I'll try that, but I did manage 800x600 before so how come not now?

    Also will the writing show if I have some writing around night time as its not currently showing especially under these current dimensions.

  29. You wouldn't have been able to do 800 x 600. I mean, you can enter the numbers, but it won't display past 250 width, because that's the width of the sidebar.

    If you want closer to 800 x 600, you'll need to embed the calendar into a post or page, not the tiny sidebar.

  30. Haha it did though, ok it looked odd but it did work, but if its on a page it won't be shown in the sidebar will it?

    If i use the 200x200 one, how do I get the writing to be visible that's currently not on the late evenings posting.

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