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Google can't find me

  1. allsortsofhope13

    I know that I have to "teach" google how to find me. And I attempted the verification code process but it seems to not want to work for me.
    Could someone please help me make Google find me.. because prior to this I was all but convinced Google knew where everything(one) was at all times.
    thanks so much

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How long have 'you' been out there?

    The big G can take a while to find new things.

  3. Your one day old blog with a few one line Posts is a bit under the radar - it takes search engines 4 to 6 weeks to index a new blog - the more content you have on the blog the better the chance it will bee seen - also your blog does call up the search engines each time you make a new Post

  4. pings the search engines every time you publish or edit and also provides a sitemap to search engines. Here are ten factors that tend to expedite indexing.

  5. allsortsofhope13

    thank you everyone for your help

  6. timethiefmedia

    This is timethief and you're welcome from me. :)

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