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Google Chrome thinks my wordpress has a malware problem, help?!

  1. According to Google Chrome, I have a malware problem (something about "retaileasy" on my page - what's going on?
    Blog url:

  2. I should mention that both Firefox (latest, granted with adblock-plus) and F-Secure (anti-virus/malware scanning) doesn't pick up anything suspicious from it.

  3. The source of the warning is the link to retaileasy on this page:

    You've listed it as an image source. I think you may have to get rid of it, at least the link. Some sites are just not safe.

  4. Of course!

    Thank you, I can't believe I overlooked that option...

  5. No worries. I've been blogging here for six years at least and I got a similar warning some time ago, also for an image link.

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