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    I hate google but a techie nephew swears by google chrome. Anybody here using it? Is it WordPress friendly compared to IE and FireFox?

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, I should have put this in questions.


    I would stick with Firefox. Chrome can be finicky here.



    Thanks, I will.



    I find that Chrome works OK generally, but some things like resiziing of images in the visual editor don’t work.



    Chrome is nice but it’s updated about every six weeks some times sooner and that sometimes relates to issues with WordPress because sometimes those version releases end up breaking something between the browser and WordPress I recommend sticking with Firefox



    @ tandava108 & slikbonez

    Makes sense. I’m not the “latest thing” kinda guy. I like to wait until the “latest thing” is sooo five minutes ago. Besides, Rich said “It’s finicky.” Now that’s a tech word I get, lol.

    Nice looking site tandava108.


    Hi guys. Sorry my words. I dont writhe so good, because i lets the school a 18 years ago and i just have a 1 year studying English. I have a google chrome and i never have a problems whit anything. I hope you understand wats i write. sorry for that. I know the Firefox is better, but the chrome is simple and light. I like it. see you. Good evening.


    Surry im from portugal.Im 33 years old. Thats is some complicate to me give`s you a master opinion,but is my idea about chrome. I deleted from my laptop the Firefox.


    I started using Chrome about five months ago and really I have nothing bad to say about it. It is pretty simple, but really powerful browser. I’ve used Firefox and it is also good, but I now prefer Chrome. Just anything but Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8, maybe even 9).



    I have had no real problem with Chrome apart from the occasional crash in flash hungry websites .IE8 seems to behave itself but have had real problems with Firefox and eventually uninstalled it .
    Luckily I came across Sea Monkey which is Firefox with alot of unnecessary programmes stripped out . I have used it for a month now and haven’t had one crash or freeze .Pretty quick too .



    I’m never sure whether an issue I’m having is my browser or I’ve been using Chrome for about a week and it is lightning-fast. I adore it.



    So often with programs it’s how it loads. i think I’ve installed, uninstalled and re-installed everything on my ‘puter at least once.

    I can wait for Chrome to settle down though. I imagine Google’s next bite into Microsoft will be the OS.



    Chrome rocks. I started out using it on my netbook and liked it so much that I switched to using it on my desktop as well. Not planning on going back to using FF.



    The ONLY reason I may go back to FF is that my bookmark buttons, like Add to Tumblr, don’t work in Chrome. I don’t think I’ve added anything to Tumblr in a couple of weeks.



    I have used both Firefox and Chrome and became a huge fan of Chrome up until recently I decided I would run a experiment with the two browsers.. Come to find out by purposely visiting dangerous websites that would commit Drive by downloads in the back ground..

    I tested Firefox and Chrome and found out real Fast that Firefox block most of the websites and stop the download action while chrome display no such warning and my security software started to auto quarantine the drive by downloads that slipped through chrome…

    So with much belief after what I first hand experienced with both browsers that Chrome doesn’t live up to its hype around the class of security…

    Don’t get me wrong Firefox has it’s faults as well in the security category


    I’ve had some clients using Chrome with WordPress and with Joomla sites, and there are some issues that have cropped up with image uploading and in some cases the editor quit loading. Nothing we could do would get Chrome back on track, not even uninstalling and reinstalling it. I now all but insist that my clients use either Firefox or Safari (Mac, Windows, doesn’t matter). I simply don’t want to waste my time trying to get Chrome back on its meds.


    I should say here that I have Chrome installed on my Mac for testing purposes on the websites I design, and I actually think it has promise. It is light weight, quick and not bloated. Still, it is the only browser I’ve had issues with over the past 6 months (well unless you count IE, but that is a given). With Firefox or Safari I seldom every get an email from a client saying, “my site’s broken, I can’t post or I can’t this or I can’t that.



    My single best talent is recognizing and respecting what I don’t know. No problem for me sticking with FF until the brainiacs are nearer unanimous that something else is better.

    See my techie nephew is a bright kid but he’s also a religious right Tea Bagger. So serious. He didn’t even grudgingly grin when I asked if he’s supporting Christine O’Donnell on the Repubwiccan ticket.

    Now you know why I came here to confirm his advice.

    And a genuine, sincere thank you to sacredpath, raincoaster, slikbonez, justjennifer, merovee, goofballcommittee, alfatrixspeed and tandava108 for your help.


    Chrome and its extensions auto-update silently, so minor issues come and go. And the pace of change on requested issues is nothing to brag about.

    But essentially it’s a delightful browser, and quite trouble-free. It comes in three channels. Dev(elopment) I found to be a bit too hot. Stable is what you want if you want nearly zero issues. And Beta I found to be the Goldilocks.

    Initially I had some issues in the WP composition window, but they have passed. Firefox is still more configurable and has more extensions, but Chrome is a pretty close second, and its likability quickly made it my default browser some nine months ago. I would say give it a spin, and if you’re risk-averse use the Stable channel.

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