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Google deleting full address of title

  1. Google appears to be missing out the full address of my posts in searches .Instead of showing full title eg name of blog plus title of post , it is only showing blog title so anybody who clicks goes straight to the latest post rather than the actual post they are searching for . Its okay in other search engines - any ideas ? The only thing I can think of is that I have started using Google Webmaster but don't see why this should affect anything . The blog is - sorry don't know how to put link into this forum .

  2. Can you give us an example of what you are talking about, including links?

  3. If you search ' Crimine solicitationies ' in google , ( a bit of along title , I know ) it appears on the second page of google , but it only shows instead of + blog title . Hope this makes sense.

  4. Is that the name of your post or a snippet of something in one of your posts?

  5. That is a phrase in the post . The post title is Irish child abuse report-is Pope Benedict guilty ?( a bit heavy I know ) .d/d 27//1109 . When searched that phrase brings up my blog but does not include the post title or address in it . I moved from redoable Lite to Misty Lokk - would this affect how google sees the post .

  6. No, it shouldn't. I believe it's a Google issue. Have been seeing some of the same behavior myself. I don't think there's really anything we can do about it, and Google changes so often there's no point in trying to pander to it.

  7. Thanks for looking into it-i'll see how it goes . Hopefully it will clear itself . Having looked into it , it does only appear to be on my Misty Look posts , but not all so I might try another theme and see that whether does any thing but it does look like a Google ' funny . '

  8. I just sat down with an SEO consultant and you wouldn't perchance have the domain upgrade, would you? Because my relatively obscure, not-updated-for-a-year blog outranks my updated daily blog PR5 on a search for a term which is a title on both blogs.

  9. No , afraid not . I tried a search on another Misty Look blog ( not mine ) and it appeared to have the same problem . Either its a bad link in Misty Look , that hasn't been picked up before or google is mucking around IMO , but I am definitely no expert !

  10. It is likely that Google indexed your homepage while that post was (and still is) on the home page. Since it is a phrase in the post google does not know whether it belongs to the post or to the home page and indexes the home page, not the post page. Just my guess.

  11. That makes some sort of sense-but it applies to all posts since I moved to Misty Look . I wonder if I am doing something wrong when publishing . Cant think what though - any ideas ?

  12. I really doubt it's anything you're doing. In my case, the link to my main (active) blog went to the front of the blog, instead of the post, just as you say, while the link to the old, dead blog went directly to the post.

    What he said was, it's Google tinkering, and it's probably a bug they've got to fix.

  13. Just one last question . In my Reading settings I had not checked either the choice between a static page or your latest posts . Might this make a difference ?

  14. Yes, of COURSE it will make a difference.

    Pages have virtually no googlejuice. Posts, however, do. Setting a static page as your home pages will kill your search engine rankings.

    But you have Posts on your front page, so that's all fine.

  15. I've go to go - I'll blame it on google and hope they sort themselves out . Thanks for everybodys help .

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