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    Did this simple site for a friend, and although it’s been ‘there’ for 3-4 weeks now a Google search for ‘Dunfermline driving schools’ doesn’t find it. Neither does Yahoo! or Bing.

    The site title contains ‘driving school’ and the tag contains ‘dunfermline’. I’ve also added it to the three Webmaster tools (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    Now this site is nearly all static pages with no categories – might that make a difference?

    The blog I need help with is



    There could be several reasons. 3 to 4 weeks is a speck in Google time. If you post the URL beginning with http then someone can look at your site and maybe have some sugestions.


    We need a link to the blog to be able to check things out, but you can get more information by entering your blog URL at .

    Also at least at Google, do a search like this “” without the quote marks and see what comes up. Google seems to be a little slow lately at indexing. I’ve seen times when it has taken 6-8 weeks for them to index a site.


    Also, you can speed up the process by verifying your site with G, B and Y by following the instructions here.


    sorry to hijack this topic i got this below

    This feed is valid, but interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.

    •line 28, column 171: Unregistered link relationship: search [help]

    … arry the handyman's Weblog G.B.” />

    Feature Supported?
    RSS ✓yes
    RDF ✗no
    Atom ✗no
    Page Gzip ✓yes
    Feed Gzip ✓yes
    Page 304 ✗no
    Feed 304 ✗no
    robots.txt ✓yes



    Sorry thought it added the URL:

    Since I posted I have added several categories to the one post on the site, and made sure there are titles etc. on the few photos.

    I have done all the webmaster tools stuff, and this is what ‘ismyblogworking’ displays. Suspect that for some reason none of the search engines have indexed it yet but I don’t know why, unless it’s plain old Anno Domini at work again.

    The important stuff:
    ✓Your web server [] is working fine.
    ✓Your RSS feed is available.
    ✓Your robots.txt file is valid and allows search engines to index your content.
    ⚠Your blog is not indexed by Google.
    ⚠Your blog is not indexed by Bing.
    ⚠Your RSS feed contains only one item.
    ✓Your blog is a blog.

    @harrythehandyman – starting your own thread might be more productive. I can see people getting confused between your blog and mine.


    i know i should have ok :(


    @swoolrich done , nice site by the way



    swoolrich, you have only one post. You have several Pages, but those are essentially irrelevant to search engines. You must add Posts, not Pages, if you want Google to find you.


    Drawbacks to using pages for your main content:

    First off I suggest you familiarize yourself with the differences between pages and posts (if you have not already): .

    For some types of sites, pages may actually be the best way of presenting the material, but wordpress.COM is aimed at blogging and using pages for your content has drawbacks you need to be aware of:

    1. Pages will show up lower in search engine results because search engines place lower emphasis on pages. Pages are meant for static content.

    2. When you publish a post, wordpress automatically “pings” all the major search engines to let them know you have published a new post so that they can index it. When you publish a page, wordpress does NOT “ping” the search engines. You will have to ping manually at a service such as or wait for the search engines to find the page on their own when they make a scheduled crawl of your site.

    3. Only posts show up on an RSS feed, pages do not. That means people cannot subscribe to your blog so that they are alerted when you add something new.

    4. You can assign categories and tags to posts to help the search engines properly place you in search results. Pages cannot have tags or categories as they sit outside the blog structure which means your stuff will also not show up in the wordpress.COM global tags pages. For most people the global tags pages are responsible for bringing a lot of visitors to their blogs.



    Thanks Sacred Path.

    It’s hard to think of how to do this using posts not pages, but the main page is a static post and I’ve put a number of categories on it which might help. I have tried to encourage the people I did it for to update the main page, but they seem to be very toungue-tied folks and I reckon there might be a couple of year!

    So, hopefully adding tags to the main post will help, and I’ve used Ping-O-Matic and will see what happens.


    Once the search engines find you and index your site, they will check back from time to time to see if anything is new, even if you don’t ping. With static pages and such though, you will not get as much attention as you would with posts and an ever-changing main page.

    This is one of the reasons all static business sites are now incorporating blogs because blogs pull in the search engines and will raise the page rank and placement in search results for the entire site.

    It’s also the reason so many businesses are moving to software packages like wordpress for their entire sites and structuring them more like blogs. Search engines like the blog structure.



    They could spotlight instructors or different classes, common driving errors, driving laws that trip people up, new classes – there should be a few things that can be added to help make the site a bit higher ranking.

    You might find some tips you can use here: one of the regular contributors to the Forum.



    Thanks again. Two questions:

    1) how long would it be reasonable to wait to see if Google etc. index the site?

    2) is there a cunning way to get posts on different pages maybe by subverting the menu stuff? If I could turn the other static pages into posts that might help, but we don’t want it all on the first page.



    @auxclass, thanks for the ideas, I’ll pass them on. Obviously they should post (or get me to post!) when they get a new car, but the common driving errors and laws is a great idea and shouldn’t be too much work either.

    BTW when I looked at the site you suggest, my visit appeared in the sidebar but it gives my location as 300 miles away from where I actually am!



    Sort of basic question but – have you registered your site with the search engines and verified that you are the owner? Set up an account with Google Web Master Tools?

    You could change some Pages to Posts and with the new Menu feature I think you can make the tabs reference some Posts. I have only used the new Menu feature once so far but some of the threads in the Forum indicate it is the best thing since white sliced bread with preservatives. :)



    @auxclass, yes, as mentioned at the top I have done all the registration and verification stuff so that should be OK.

    Unfortunately I think I found previously that the theme (Andrea) doesn’t yet support the new menu feature! (I had to use the page order value to get the correct order) However it’s worth keeping an eye on as I guess they might update it – I know they’ve altered the contact form slightly as I complained about the pane to type into not being obvious enough on a laptop with a poor-quality screen.



    OK, I don’t know what I did before, or the theme has been updated with the Menu feature! Anyway it’s working now so I need to have a play.

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