Google doesn’t know me anymore

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    Hi everyone!

    I’m having problems with Google. Everything worked fine until last week. Since then I have no visitors coming to my blog from Google because it seems that it doesn’t know the content of my sites anymore. Pretty annoying that is. Anyway if you simply search für “Miss Sophies Blog” my page shows up but without any description. My content is also known by Google Blogsearch, but that doesn’t help me much. Well, as I said before, it all worked fine until last week. Is there any explanation?

    Thanks, Miss Sophie


    Member doesn’t have explanations for what google does. They often do things that the rest of the world finds puzzling, mind numbing and completely weird, without explanantion of any kind. I suggest you send an email to google and ask them what’s up. Good luck. :)



    I also recommend that you just wait it out. Your blog may show up in a week or two as if nothing had happened. Micro-watching search engines, traffic, and other SEO stuff can make you crazy. Relax. It used to be that no one got found in a search engine for 3-6 months. Maybe no one is searching for the content on your site. Just be patient. blogs get picked up faster than most by search engines.



    Um, folks. She’s been here since March 21st.

    I’m actually looking at your inbound links as the issue. Most of them are coming from but they’re are tagged as nofollow which means basicially they don’t count.

    I’d try to gain more actual links to your site and see if that helps. That’s what Google puts a lot of weight on.



    Ok, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for your help!

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