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Google Friend Connect For US

  1. I am wondering if anyone has figured out how to get Google Friend Connect for users. We need to upload files to the root directory it, but of course, we are not allowed to do that? I am thinking about just buying a hosting option and moving to a install. Any word if us loyal users will ever get to use this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google Friends Connect is a work in progress. Good Idea and eventually it will be a good thing but I find it very hard to get the two required files to upload to the site. I did get one site to work and when sending invites to people to join the url is not clickable and in order for them to join they would have to cut and paste the url. NOT! so I have not sent invites until that is fixed. On the other issue maybe they don't let you do but one site???? What is suppose to be easy and friendly is a joke. Only gurus will be able to get it to work.

  3. I'm really interested in finding out how Friend Connect can be added.

    WordPress staff, do we need to upgrade to Can you pls let me know? Thanks in advance.

  4. Me too, I would really like to use this feature.

  5. I would really like to see a reply from WordPress staff on this please?

  6. Me too

  7. me too

  8. me too

  9. count my vote as well

  10. votes++; I'd really like to see this as well!

  11. Fact is, as good a blog tool as WordPress is, they are way behind in the friend connect business. Allowing twitter was a start, but is much better as the connection thing, and is very popular with my customers.

  12. I'd love this one as well.

  13. christophercocca

    would like some more info on this.

  14. hajjexperience

    would also like to know more about this - I heard they also have facebook connect? maybe that's possible with

  15. Adding my vote here.

  16. Me too!

  17. I would also like to see this feature enabled.

  18. me too!

  19. It makes no sense for WP to have Google's friend-connect, they are two separate companies. WP can possibly have its own friend-connect which could be non-propriety, connecting friends across different networks/companies (unlike Google). Eventually you are looking at one of the functionality of BuddyPress. I agree with above, WP is way behind in networking fans/friends via its blogs.

  20. Me too! Or at least something similar to Google Connect.

  21. I've been trying all morning to no avail. I would like to use this app as well. If they added Twitter, I don't see why there would be a conflict of interest using g-friend connect, especially since they do not seem to have a comparable program to offer us currently.

  22. I desperately want "friend connect" on my site as well! Hi, wordpress staff, make it possible please :)
    @gemaffair: I totally agree!

  23. Yes, gimme gimme, please ;-)

  24. It's not working right now, FWIW.

  25. mee too

  26. me two! C'mon

  27. move to blogger!

  28. I think so ..! soon it ll avail for users...!

  29. mee too

  30. me too!


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