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Google Friend Connect For US

  1. supermarketswap

    For me this is the only thing that lets down. The option to add friendconnect would be greatly appreciated.


  3. girlfromthehills

    Would also love to be able to add Google Friend Connect!

  4. I'm debating heading over to blogger just so I can get friend connect. Please give us friend connect. Please.

  5. same here

  6. Please, same here! Please!

  7. I'm with all of them. I NEED my GFC.

  8. Please, please!

  9. After working for hours on my new WP-blog I found out that Google Friend Connect doesn´t work with Im am completely shocked...
    All of my friends have their blogs on and are connected... I preferred WP, an now I´m all alone??

    Could we just get an answer WHY this is a problem??

  10. yes, please come up with a solution to this!

  11. I'd like to know too!

  12. yes it would be nice to have a sort of community around your blog..if we can like blog posts now, maybe we could "Like" blogs and display who Likes the blog on the sidebar. But i have recently found out we can't display javascript, which is a bummer for an etsy shop owner like me.....I wonder if such a feature would require Javascript? Why couldn't we use our Gravatars like we do would give me and readers a better sense of how many people, at least in the wordpress community, are interested enough in the blog to "follow" it.

  13. has anyone heard if this is happening anytime soon? this forum has been going on for over a YEAR!!!! any word wordpress?

  14. Why not ask Google to create a version of their widget that will work here at wordpress.COM?

    It isn't rocket science if Google wanted to do it.

  15. vanesdigregorio

    Same here! I would love to be able to use Google Friend Connect on my wordpress blog!!!

  16. I'm curious. Exactly how would you "use" it? All it does is display any array of outgoing links (Google juice leaking) to many little follower avatars.

  17. I'd love to use Google Friend Connect for my non-selfhosted wordpress blog as it's too late to move. Besides, I'm familiar now with the wordpress features and honestly, I like them. Easy busy and foolproof! But I can't force my readers to do email subscriptions if they could have chose the easier way of joining the Google Friend Connect. Please, lovelely people at wordpress, make Google Friend Connect or something similiar available for all wordpress users around the world! It's time for it now!!! Yes, YOU CAN! ;-)

  18. me2!

  19. i am a loyal blogger but still.. the fact that it does not have a way to keep my followers connected sucks... most of my blogger frends have blogs on blogspot and they have a good established network which i am not a part of. It decreases the pageviews. I would really like a google friend connect widget

  20. i'd love to use this feature as well.. its very impresive..

  21. pedromoreirafoto

    me too!!

  22. me too!

  23. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. bump!

  25. me too!

  26. Count me in too--at least now I can stop trying to install the swell "code" I got to do so...since it won't happen! YET?

  27. Amazing thread, and more amazing comments (me too, me too, me too, etc.).

    No, I'm not.

  28. maryslogorrhea

    Now I am thinking about going over to blogger too. They even have a way to start a blog using your friends connect Google sign in. Such a small thing to ask for to not get it.

  29. Small thing? Blogger initated Javascript which can compromise security and bring down the entire multiuser blogging platform with multimillions of bloggers is a small thing? How do you figure that?

    Embed tags, iframes, forms, flash and Javascripts are banned for security concerns. It would be child’s play for a hacker pull your login cookies if they were allowed. This is how javascript works. >

  30. Regardless of any and all of this, I think its sad of the people here at WP not to at least acknowledge this post and answer everyone's questions.

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