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Google Friend Connect For US

  1. I have the same problem

  2. The widget will not work on blogs as it contains Javascript which the software strips out to preserve security on this multi-user blogging platform.

    Embed tags, iframes, forms, flash and Javascripts are banned for security concerns. It would be child’s play for a hacker pull your login cookies if they were allowed. This is how javascript works. >

  3. seriously...why no GFC!?

  4. We need the GFC! It would mean people could come back again and again and wouldn't have to add the blogs manually!

  5. I am completely torn. On the one hand, I am enthusiastically getting into blogging and updating my blog each day, trying to build upon it, etc. On the other hand, I have run into daily frustrations with WORD PRESS.COM. I have a Blavatar that will not disappear, though I deleted it days ago.

    Then today...I received some people who want to follow me through NetworkedBlogs but 1.) asked why WordPress doesn't provide the nifty NetworkedBlogs photo thumbnails like other blogging sites and 2.) why I don't have GFC on my WordPress blog. So....I immediately tried to figure out how to add GFC to my page and realize through this forum I can't! I have a number of friends who are not on Facebook or NetworkedBlogs and so won't be able to follow or show up in my followers stats.

    I also would like my bookshelf on to show up as a widget, but WordPress does not allow for the Java Script (as I understand it), so I have to include a boring link to my page instead.

    Now I am wondering if I should have started my blog with another blog site.

  6. yes, it's a shame, I want GFC :(

  7. Ok I also want something similar to "connect" I am evaluating a change of platform because of this but I do love my wordpress layout...any hope?

  8. tupchurchwriter

    I'm still working on Google connections, but you can connect to Facebook / networked blogs already via WP.

    Because of the non-Java issues and protection (see timethief's posts on this in the general forum and on her site) you don't get the Avatar pics / links on the sidebar.

    But you do get a perfectly serviceable and functional Networked blogs text button that they set up for non-java blogs.

    (It would be very easy to put the link onto a picture of your choice so you could have a cool graphic link to FB/NWblogs - might add that to my to-do list).

    Mine's here:
    -- look to the left hand sidebar just under the main picture you'll see the little blue text button which links up to here:

    You can add the button/link as a widget anywhere on your WP blog so it can be right up at the top if you want.

    On Facebook, you can set up a blog application so your WP blog appears as a tab on your FB page.

    As well as a manual link option, your WP blog can post directly to Facebook/Twitter in several ways -

    -- WP direct: go to My Blogs in your global dashboard and click the facebook link by the blog you want to share. (And/or Twitter).

    -- Networked blogs (requires Facebook acct) - click on 'Syndication' and follow the prompts.

    The networked blog page and your FB profile then include all your followers / avatars etc with a full picture-perfect copy of your blog, without an avalanche of outgoing links from your main site.

    >>Google Friend Connect / Blogger follows etc?

    I'm still working on that.

    I can still follow via Blogger by simply linking my WP footer avatar to my google profile. Haven't found a way of reversing this yet (although I did redirect my old Blogger blog to my new site using the Blogger dashboard, so old followers can still find me).

    Hope that's useful.

  9. I am torn every month or so about moving my blog to Blogger. I love WordPress's editing ability and templates, but some of the restrictions are seriously annoying. I hear everyone saying security issues are the reason, but Blogger does it and probably has as many users as if not more and they do it. Not saying that is a reason, but I don't see how one massive company can do it, and another cannot.
    To move or not to move.....Blogger is getting better.....

  10. shelleyraedesigns

    You can use it, so I think the simple answer is its not about security, its about money - they want you to pay for being allowed to have extras

  11. @shelleyraedesigns: But WordPress.ORG is free. The only money you pay goes to the web hosting provider.

  12. And the domain name registrar of course.

  13. I suggest WP to have a way that we can connect with other WP blogs worldwide and expand our views.

  14. Love for you to bring Google Friend Connect to users. It would bring more over to WP from Blogger if they could see the beauty of what WP has to offer.

  15. I just open a blop with wordpress and sucks......i thought was the best but now i realize that nothing work...i'll start to move to blogger.....bye...

  16. count me in too on the google friend connect....

  17. regardless of what many people may think WordPress is one of the best websites..
    keep up the good work Champs!!!

  18. Given that this thread started out in Feb of 2009, and Feb of 2011 is just around the corner - 2 years - I wouldn't hold out much hope of this coming to fruition.

    Just sayin'...

  19. nikkibrandyberry

    The fact is, that most ppl may not even know how to voice their concerns with the fact that wordpress wont allow anything. Ive been here months and just found this. So to say that not enough ppl care is pretty far fetched...they may not think they can change anything...which they most likely can't.

  20. Why don't you contact staff directly and ask them why they have not implemented it yet. You might get an actual answer such as, "do to the nature of the code, and how it works, we feel it is a security risk" or something like that. Then again you might get a more fuzzy answer such as "it is on our list of requested features and is something we will look at." Then you could post back here and tell everyone what they said.

  21. I would also like to see a similar feature to GFC here on

  22. Contact staff
    Contact staff
    Contact staff
    Contact staff
    Contact staff
    Contact staff

  23. I have been trying to figure this out for months. My community is mostly on blogger and now that i came to wordpress, it seems like a huge mistake if I want followers.

  24. @somanycrafts
    Contact staff link >

  25. robbskidmore88

    I dig the great customization of and have found the support staff to be prompt and helpful. That said, I sense you guys are working on providing Google Friend Connect to all of us (it's catching on out there and we want some of that action).

    Just want to encourage you guys to work a little...faster.


  26. I've been here for 4 years and do not have the same sense that Staff are working on this at all, nor have we Volunteers heard a single word to that effect. Here's the contact staff link >

  27. Everyone here echoes my thoughts. When switching to WordPress I thought I could keep my followers and now I find out I'm wrong! Can't they do something, this is one advantage blogger definitely has. I see it as a big advantage too....I may just switch back.

  28. Ditto all the requests. My vote for Google Friend Connect on WordPress! PLEASE!

  29. Hello! We do not have vote. Automattic is a coporation and decisions are not made here on the peer support forum by Volunteers answering questions about how to use software that members ask.

    Contact staff link

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