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Google gadgets

  1. Google gadgets became available for any site to use today. Any chance we'll see an adapter for these for use at

  2. Those look very nice! Unfortunately they use the script tag, which we cannot easily trust due to its capacity for use in identity theft and other malicious activities. We hope to make these gadgets available when we get the security implications sorted out.

  3. The page appears to be down. What exactly do these do?

  4. They are novelty widgets that for example give you your horoscope reading for the day, the quote of the day, this day in history, googlemaps, google calender, date and time, phase of the moon, and little games to play. Some would call them sidebar "tat" others would call them "real kewl sheet".


    As usual we can sigh and carry on with our plain 'HTML' widgets!

  6. Would this be the same reason why I can't add the Google Reader Shared posts as a sidebar widget?

  7. @neomits
    Does the Google Shared Reader code contain any of these javascript, an iframe, styles, flash embeds, etc. if so then these will be stripped by wordpress programming for security reasons. If you want an explanation you can check here and here
    If you wish to see widgets made for these here at you can send in a feedback.

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