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Google Gears

  1. masterclasslady

    Has anyone here accessed Google Gears for use on WordPress? I did install it, but have yet to confirm the use of this program on WordPress. Any information you can give me would be deeply appreciated.

  2. I tried to install Google Gears some time ago, but it won't run on my system (too old) so I can't help you.

  3. Google Gears has been spotted in WordPress 2.6, the next release of self-hosted WordPress. See:
    So it is likely that at some point we will see Gears in
    In what may be related news, my blog behaved in a Gears-like manner this morning. That is, I had no internet access, but my blog behaved as though I had.

  4. Google Gears is already here. Look on your Dashboard, at the far right top corner where it says Speed Up. Click on that and see where it takes you.

  5. Which I really hope isn't mandatory, because I'm running Windows 98 which will not work with Google Gears and I would have to take all my blogs to independent hosting if GG became mandatory.

  6. It is entirely an option and will only appear for supported browsers.

    Activating it will first ask for the Gears extension to be installed.
    When you then go to your blog admin you can speed up that admin - it takes a minute or so to download the files. It's a per-blog thing right now (a Gears limitation as I understand).

    It makes a noticeable difference to me.

  7. masterclasslady

    So, it is a perfectly safe and secure program to run? I was hesitant to say "yes" at first, which is why I came here.

  8. Gears is a Google product, not some cracker pretending to be Google. I have no particular security qualms about it. (That's not to claim that it is perfectly secure software.)

  9. Hmm - when I click on "speed up" it just takes me back to my dashboard. What am I missing? (Using Firefox btw)

  10. nevermind. I figured it out. Adblock Plus wasn't allowing it.

  11. Google gears??? also My dashboard says how may comments I approve and how many I have
    did we have another dashboard upgrade..........

  12. All the way right in the admin bar - but only if your browser is supported.
    (It's Google who decide what is/is not supported, not us)

  13. Before i download gears,
    Does google keep stats with on with this thing?
    or keep a program running in RAM when i'm not using it?

  14. *stats on me...(you think i'd learn to proof read by now.)

  15. Mark, specifically what difference; just speed? I've got it on my MBP 2.4 with Firefox 2.0 and all it does is load files into a cache, which seems not to do anything more than a browser does alread.

  16. dlager, it doesn't talk back to Google. It's a browser addon that does all its work local to your PC.

    muzzak, it is a different type of cache. It is a smart cache and data store.

  17. So it basically stores the information on the
    hard drive to make the admin panel more faster??

  18. Dear staff, yes, please do tell us more! What functionality is added with GG?

  19. It makes everything faster.

    Install Gears and it downloads 197 files from your blog. So when you go to the Write page instead of your browser waiting for all the files there to download (which could take some time if you have a slow connection) it knows they are already cached on your machine so it grabs them from there. It makes using your blog much faster.

    Want to test?
    Log out of your blog. Clear your browser cache. Login and go to your Write page.
    When it has fully loaded, click the Turbo button and install Gears
    Log out of your blog. Clear your browser cache. Login and go to your Write page.
    You will see the difference.

    And as foolswisdom says your privacy is not compromised in any way.

  20. So effectively since I clear my browser cache each time I close FF, I would need to hit the turbo link each time I log in to each of my Dashboards (3 blogs)?

  21. No - Gears stores it's files somewhere out of the browser cache. So after clearing the cache you can be sure that Gears does have the files, your browser does not and you will see a speed increase because of Gears having them.

  22. WOW that's quick thanks Mark, & staff, for adding this great feature... :)

  23. Cool beans! Thanks for the option of using Google Gears! Hope the next Google Gears feature is an offline editor sync. :)

  24. works well with firefox.
    Doesn't work well if you access a browser (like Avant) from a remote location from your computer. I assume because the google gears cache is at one computer.

  25. Yes, it is; it's installed on one particular browser on one particular computer.

  26. Is Gears functionally like the prefetch files cached within Windows?

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