Google Gears crash WordPress Photo Uploader

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    hi guys, today, I’m unable to upload photo on my blog with google gears on.
    I’m using the lastest flash player 10 and latest google gear, just reinstalled today.
    I also had the turbo installed from

    So, once I disable Google Gears from Firefox, I am able to upload.
    But when I reenable Google Gears and try to access the photo uploader, it crashes Mozilla Firefox

    The blog I need help with is



    how to solve this?


    Disable Gears and leave it disabled until the problem is fixed, either by WordPress, Mozilla, or Google – whichever one is responsible.



    Hi – I just wanted to share that I had this same image uploader problem. I had installed Gears on my machine but never enabled it. The problem only went away once I un-installed Gears from my machine.


    Ditto here on the Photo Upload-Crash Situation.
    DISABLE GOOGLE GEARS and Bob is married your mom’s sister.



    Uninstall Gears from your Programs



    what’s the point of Gears ? Ive never seen any good after installing, every few days I find it’s disabled and I hae to reenable and DL files again, and now it crashes everything. Also has that darn updater running in bg. Tell me why I want gears at all?


    The theory is that it will make the dashboard and such faster since it caches those files on your computer. It seemed to speed things up at first for me, but after a little while everything was slow again so I disabled it in all my browsers.

    It has promise, but it doesn’t quite seem to deliver.


    agreed, google gears (at least in wordpress) is no help.

    And further, now that it crashes the browser, just cost me an hour of work I was doing in another browser. I know this sh*t is free, but c’mon wordpress – that most recent upgrade to the site design, was in fact the opposite of an upgrade. The site runs slower and is less user friendly. Just my .02, I realize ya get what ya pay for.


    I disabled gears, the browser still crashes when I try to upload photos. Whose problem is this – google’s, firefox’s or wordpress’s? And did I get those apostrophes right?


    Anyone out there today?


    Typically that does it although a few have reported they had to uninstall gears to get things to work. Since that has been the case with only a few, I figured it was an anomaly.


    No way! How to uninstall gears then? I disabled it from wordpress, it still crashes. Really frustrating.


    Here’s the message in Tools – addons:

    Gears is installed on this computer, but is not enabled for use with WordPress.

    To enable it click the button below.

    So how to uninstall gears off the computer, if that’s what it takes?


    Firefox tools menu > addons > find gears and click “uninstall”.


    OK, thanks – that did the trick – uninstall in firefox, restart firefox. Sorry for the dupe posts in other threads, not good on my part.


    You’re welcome.



    Another Google Gears victim here about to disable… Thanks for the tips.


    Me too. You don’t have to uninstall Gears, just disable it in the Tools –> Add-ons menu in firefox, then restart the browser.



    If you’re still having trouble with Firefox and the image uploader after following the disable / re-enable procedure with Gears, please write to Support:

    We’re still investigating this issue and will let you know when there’s a fix!

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