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Google hands over anonymous blogger's IP number & email address.

  1. pornstarbabylon

    A model I have never heard of sued a New York blogger when that blogger called her a skank, whore, old hag, and other names. waaaah, waaaaaah, WAAAAHHHHHHHH !!

    I first thought, who cares. You're a model who probably had sex with every photographer and straight male designer just so she could get that Vogue cover. I'm sure worse has been said about this woman.

    A judge ruled in her favor and ordered Google to hand over the anonymous blogger's IP number. Her name has now been revealed and her picture posted. Just imagine the can of worms this model and judge just opened up. Writers and bloggers around the United States now can't have their freedom of writing what they want. She's in the public eye and should grow a backbone. Perez Hilton has been saying worse about real celebrities for years and he's only been sued for stealing pictures. But this model has now dropped her suit and has forgiven the blogger she says. Yeah after this model got more publicity than she has ever gotten in her entire career. She's now being interviewed on every talk show now when she had never been before.

    Now I read this article about this bitch and it's now revealed that the blogger started this attack on this model because the model defamed the blogger to the blogger's boyfriend. Did the blogger ever sue this model for also being mean??!?! The model, Liskula Cohen, also turned on the reporter in this new interview.

    What would WordPress do? I would have thought that with the very deep pockets that Google has, they would have fought this tooth and nail and I'm sure would have won if they stuck it out.

    Every time one of these stories is out there that goes against the blogger's rights, I get emails with links to these stories with people laughing at me saying you're next. :(

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  3. It's "off topic" and if you read it, she seems to be asking for comments and opinions on blogging rights. And under the avatar, it states she is a member. So this being a "blogging" rights issue, isn't it ok for a wordpress user to put out a concern/topic to her other fellow bloggers on wordpress. IMHO, which means diddlypoo.....

  4. pornstarbabylon

    Oh the comment after mine is an automatic reply. It shows the second I post. Happened the other day too. It's automatic. I guess because I didn't place a link, it signals sambauers to release this automatic reply.

  5. oh, didn't know they did that....still kinda new around the forums. I'll keep my fingers held back...Carry on...

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