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Google image referrals

  1. Suddenly today when I click on referral links that go to Google Image Search, I only get an empty Google Image Search page. I used to get taken to the result which had the actual picture on my blog that people were clicking on. Did Google change something or did WordPress? I found it much more useful before. Now I basically have no way of knowing what picture people are hunting for.

  2. It is still the same for me though. I also do get a lot of referrals from google image search and when I actually click on them, it does take me to the image.

  3. As it did for me until today. No idea why it switched. This new format just ain't useful.

    Occasionally, just to shake things up, Google gives me this instead:

    Bad Request
    Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.

  4. i'm guessing it must be something new on google's end, since as far back in my referrers as i go, i'm still getting the stupid search page. (old referrers that previously linked me to the image in context).

  5. Today I got that for the first time too.

  6. Yeah, Google's been making changes all right. I haven't gotten a new incoming link from them in literally months, although I know there have been numerous incoming links. Veddy annoying.

  7. Check the properties of the referral link. I just did mine and it said the name of the image.

  8. I just tried: got the same link as in the Referrals column, no joy at all. And now my Blog Stats page is going weird on me; I've got a new column off to the left which contains nothing more than the blog name, and everything's bumped over to the right. Now I can't even see my hits for today or yesterday; can't even scroll over. Grrr, time for a feedback.

  9. The properties on my referral was Britney. But for the page now being wide, I closed my bookmark column on my browser that's on my left and then it showed the hits and blog stats better.

  10. I never have that open and I have a small monitor; this better not be permanent is all I can say.

  11. Now, I'm getting the same thing as mentioned by aren't the only one man.

  12. Sorry about that! I've reverted the change that truncates your referrer URLs. Thanks for the report.

  13. Great, now can you do something about the new column on the stats page that makes me unable to see graphed results fresher than two days old?

  14. There is this column called Search Engine Terms and today not a single search term. I thought it rather strange as I get a lot there on a regular basis. That's usually a rather long column for me.
    So it was sad to see it blank.
    Is this temporary? Anyone else with this problem?

  15. nitawriter: same thing here.

    raincoaster: yes i dislike that left margin with my blog name too.

  16. It sounds like Andy fixed this. The referrer URLs were being shortened so that when they were clicked Google didn't have enough information to render the page as viewed by the site visitor. It says this topic is not resolved so I'm not sure...

  17. Only the original poster, staff and myself can mark a thread as resolved. I'm not doing it because I wasn't involved with this thread. It's pretty much up to rain to make that call.

  18. Are people aware of what Andy has said about upcoming stats program improvements? I blogged about it here

  19. Okay, I "resolved" it. Didn't know I could do that.

    I'll get excited about stat changes when I know more than just "stat changes are coming".

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