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    Hello how can I get photos from my blog to start appearing in the google image search results? If I type in voluntary simplicity to google my blog is on the 3rd page but there are no images in the image results, do my images on photobucket have to have a title? or does it take straight from the blog? I don’t know alot about computers so go easy.



    I believe your photobucket images have to have the title. I put the same title in both PB and WordPress just to make sure, and I’ve gotten loads of hits through image searches.

    HOWEVER: google changed something recently and since then I’ve gotten not one referral from Google Image Search. Not one. It’s definitely something they’ve done, not something WordPress has done. If I recall correctly, Mark said that we were still getting referrals, but they were just showing up as Search Engine Terms, not as referrer links any more.



    thanks for that



    You can put the exact name of the image on the file, voluntary simplicity, when you download the image.

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