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google image URL not showing... why?

  1. is my site. On my first real entry from Sept 12th, there is a picture beside my text however it doesn't show up. Right click on it and select 'view image' and you should be able to see it. Why is this happeneing?

    I'm not doing anything different when posting the image URL in the dashboard. Can anyone give me a tip or solution for this?

  2. I'm using a firefox browser and I see an image of a dark haired girl standing at a dock (probably on the sea coast) Vancouver with a water background. I right clicked on the thumbnail, selected view image and got the original size photo - no problem.
    Are you using an IE browser or a Safari? They frequently have "issues" when it comes to displaying blogs properly. You could also try force clearing your browser cache.

    Edit: Try signing out, force clearing your browser and signing in again.

  3. time thief... hmmm, that's odd that it's not showing up in my browser. anyone else? i'm using firefox as well. i tried IE too and no pic either. but if you can see it, then i'm sure it should be fine. thanks for letting me know.

  4. you're welcome g'night :)

  5. I tried it with FireFox and I didn't see it.

    One thing I noticed: you're resizing the image using HTML

    src="" align="left" height="129" width="171"

    (ie: the width is really 800 px, but the image tag says to squish it to 171). If you create a proper thumbnail (by resizing the image with software) then you might not have this problem.

  6. Try using:
    as the image URL and resize with the WordPress tools. Um, the little box with the tree in the Rich Editor. Sorry to be so technical...(or am I repeating the last poster's instructions? I can't work with thumbnails, myself)

    When I try that I can see the girl (Vancouver homegirl trivia: she's standing on the boardwalk behind the Granville Public Market).

  7. edwardle
    I see that ur using picasaweb photos. I tried to load one of my photos to picasa web and tried a test post , it is working fine. I tried removing / adding image size options that the url provides, no issues with that.

    I use a firefox and am not able to see the image in ur post
    mmm what could be it ??!!!

    (though not an effective way of doing it, I do not see a reason why it should not be working)

  8. i'm totally miffed too as to why it isn't working. i'm going to bump this, hope you don't mind.

  9. rain: yes, you are correct! and yes that's how i resized it ... with the wordpress editor.

    rsathya: i can see the picture from the back end, but you guys can't see it from the front end. so on your test, save what you've done and try pointing your browser in a new window to the test post and tell me if you see it

  10. okay, i just tried another entry titled 'test picture' with Tara standing on Robson street in Vancouver. Anyone see it?

  11. Afraid not.

    The issue might be because you're trying to put a non-static image into a system that requires static images.

    Take a look at the URL of the image. You're trying to get Google to resize the image for you with '?imgmax=800' in the URL and WordPress won't let you do that. Much like the animated images not working in headers.

    Please see if Google gives some method of thumbnailing images and then use that in your post with a link to a full size image.

    Also remember just because you're putting in the 'height="129" width="171"' bit, the viewer is still having to load the entire image. That doesn't help those on dialups.

  12. drmike, thanks for the input.

  13. @edwardle and drmike
    At I see Tara in both the Test Picture (on the street in fron of the Guess sign) and in the smaller one Back from Vancouver (in front of Granville market) too. I'm wondering could it be that because you only mentioned the url of the site which is different from the one linked to your user name perhaps the folks who couldn't see the pictures were clicking on your name and looking in the wrong blog?

  14. Nope, I just checked the blog that's supposed to have the pix and I can't see either of them.

  15. That's so totally weird. rain saw one of the photos before but doesn't see either one now. I have never "lost" sight - I have always seen both. What on earth?

  16. Yeah, I used to use Photobucket too, but since they started deleting non-TOS violating images on my blog and threatening me when I question them, I cannot really recommend them.

  17. @ raincoaster: Photobucket & are together, has got nothing to do with them .. the main difference being that imageshack has thumbnail view, while other two don't as far as I can tell; there's another service like imageshack that offers thumbnail view also (similar if not same interface), but just can't seem to find the bookmark now :/

  18. i'm at a lost as to what to do... any ideas? should i just create thumbnails everytime i want to post? that would be a pain in the A$$.

  19. Either use the WordPress hosting and create thumbnails OR use a hosting service like Imageshack or Photobucket. I've stated my opinion of Photobucket, but there are lots of other hosts out there and their photos are easy to use in WordPress if you use the rich text editor. I'd say try Imageshack; it's free, right? So why not try it for a few images? They may give you more scope than that; I have several HUNDRED at Photobucket.

  20. alright, try it now... do you see a thumbnail picture of Tara? if this works, i'll post how i did it.

  21. Yes, I see it, and it's clickable. It takes you to the full image on Picasa.

  22. I also see it and can also follow the link to the original sized photo on Picasa.

  23. awesome! i posted the solution on the blog but i think it comes back to what drmike wrote

    "The issue might be because you're trying to put a non-static image into a system that requires static images."

    so i thought about it and tried to put the url to the THUMBNAIL on picasa. the only downside i've run into is resizing the image in the wordpress editor. the resolution is not as good (for obvious reasons) so blowing it up isn't a good idea. however, making it a link to the acutal picture (or whatever you want for that matter) is probably the best option... since you KNOW people are going to roll over the picture with their mouse.

    thanks to those who've helped out.

  24. @edwardle
    You're welcome. I'm glad you resolved this issue and now the thread will be in the forum search box for others to refer to. :)

  25. since you KNOW people are going to roll over the picture with their mouse.

    Actually that's true at least for me. I know I always do.

    One of the librarians here made the suggestion that you might want to include a 'Click the picture to see full size' label near the picture. Try setting it up as a 2x1 table with the text underneath it.

    Hope this helps,

  26. .. just to add: I posted how Photobucket doesn't allow for thumbnails, but that's not true for registered users (hm all are registered on Photobucket, yea) - it can generate the code, or it can be displayed with the uploaded images (think by default view).

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