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Google+ in Publicize

  1. I realize that technically Google and WordPress are competitors in the blogging industry, but I was wondering if WordPress plans to add Google+ functionality in to Publicize (so it functions the same as FB and Twitter in terms of auto-posting new posts).

    If you did, it would be really awesome and make me happy :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would Google+ this.

  3. I like to known as well if this will come in publicize!

  4. Google+ functionality

    It's my understanding that there is no Google + app because Google does not want regurgitated auto-posted content that's found everywhere else posted to Google +.

  5. I did some searching for you. Please read what Staff (macmanx) has said here > and here

    We are being flooded with the information flow created by impersonal auto-posting of the same link to multiple social networks. You can post manually and in fact manual posting is the most effective way to draw attention.

  6. Thanks for your quick response timethief!

    Best regards,
    Peter Dousma

  7. You're welcome.

  8. @timethief,

    Except, with blogging, I have different followers on different networks – some use Twitter, some use Facebook, some use Google+ etc.

    It's rare that the same people would follow me on multiple platforms, so they won't be bombarded with the same thing multiple times.

    Having to do it manually on Google+ is just another step that I have to go through to accomplish the same goals.

    But fine, not a huge deal.

  9. Unfortunately, the answer has not changed over the last several months.

    We'll definitely pursue Publicize via Google+ as soon as it becomes available.

    At this time, Google has not provided an API to automatically post to Google+ and the crew behind Google+ have been pretty firm in their stance that they don't want to see any automated content on Google+, so I doubt such an option will ever be available in the near future.

  10. Cheers, good to know.

  11. You're welcome!

  12. It appears the only way to duplicate WordPress posts on G+ , at present, is to use CPNet. That is, the old "Copy and Paste" network.

  13. Ummm ... I assume you can read what's posted above and I wonder why you would rag this thread out of the searchbox to post that.

  14. To clarify: this has nothing to do with Google and being competitors. Google built Google+ to be a high-intellectual-value alternative to platforms filled with autoposted spam, thinking, rightly, that if you don't care enough to enter the platform yourself and engage with people there, you do not constitute added value to the platform and there's no reason to facilitate your e-presence there.

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