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google index

  1. Hi
    I want to use google webmaster tools to index my pages. Is this possible with account? Some sites explain how to prepare sitemap and upload but i think it is not about free wordpress account. Am i wrong?

    Is it possible to use google webmaster tools with blogs? If possible how?

  2. No, it's not workable for here, unfortunately. We haven't got access to the guts of our blogs. It's my understanding that WordPress itself uses Google Analytics on our blogs to get a sense of how they're doing, but we as bloggers have no access to that information.

  3. It is possible. Using the wp-andreas09-Theme, I created a page with a blank in the title and the "title form" set to the name of the html file (including the .html) google wanted, and although the dot got removed, it works fine.

  4. Are we talking about hosted blogs? Can you show us the page?

  5. Hmmm, that's big news. I know uses Google analytics so I'm wondering if this would interfere with that somehow.

  6. raincoaster, Google Webmaster Tools is just to see the crawl statistics of a website, google search stats, and Crawl HTTP errors; nothing more. I guess shouldn't be any interference with Analytics; them are different.

  7. Ah. thanks for the clarification. I'm no techie. Now I have a new question for you: why would anyone hosted at use that information? We can't actually tweak anything that would improve the findings as far as I can tell. Is it just to keep tabs on what kind of a job is doing behind the scenes?

  8. Yes, something like that jejejee. You can see how much time takes to google crawl your blog and, as I have discovered today, increment the crawl rate to fast if you're interested in a quickly google index of your posts. You can see 404 errors, useful if you changed the post's permalink by mistake. The Search Query stats are useful to see what position you have for a search keyword.

    But really, a true blogger shouldn't care about the search engines... but we're curious about then :P

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