Google indexes last entry instead of about this blog

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    When I do a google search for my blog it indexes the last entry I have created on my blog rather than the permentant about this blog section of the website. How can I make sure that google reads that?

    The blog I need help with is



    The short answer: you can’t.

    The long answer is: you can’t, because that’s the OPPOSITE of the way Google works. Google and all search engines prefer fresh content and posts rather than Pages. Your About section is never going to change and never going to become a blog post, so as far as Google is concerned, it’s practically useless. Google has read your About section, it just doesn’t care about it.


    Thanks for the answer. I always wonder how other sites can get around this. When you do a search for a website, it usually tells you what that website is about. I know when I did have a blog on Tumblr, it would index what the blog was about. Interesting that Word Press does not do that.



    This isn’t a WordPress issue. I know that because Google does choose to display links to some my static pages in my blogs below the snippets from my most recent posts that they choose to display.
    example 1:
    eaxmple 2:
    Bottom line: We have no control over what search engines choose to display in SERPs. All issue with search engines are between bloggers and the search engines So we Volunteers cannot help you with this.



    Tumblr blogs have HORRIBLE SEO, and the difference between 0.0001 and 0.0002 isn’t very much. In that case, Google is telling you that Tumblr blogs have almost as little SEO as static Pages and it’s probably indexing the About higher because it has more text.

    Google has indexed your About page. Google the first sentence there and see. It’s just that it doesn’t rank as highly as blog posts.

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