Google Indexing – What’s changed?

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    Since around August last year I’ve been running an adult affiliate blog. I’ve experimented with a few themes, even tried a premium theme, but it was apalling for SEO. In the end I found a pretty decent theme review site and used one that scored high for SEO, and have since settled on that. This was about the beginning of December.

    At first it was working brilliantly, all my pages were indexed in a few days and my traffic went up quite a bit. Over the last few weeks though, no more of my posts/pages are being indexed. It stopped at 40 indexed pages on webmaster tools, (I have around 60 submitted), and has since dropped to 35, and I’ve changed very little.

    I know there are lot of people that ask about indexing on here, but I know pretty much what I’m doing. I have sitemaps, all in one seo, my robots.txt is fine.

    I’ve tried adding wp-cache recently as I heard that page load speed can be important when google are crawling. And I’ve tinkered with the crawl rate settings in webmaster tools.

    Basically, I just wanted to know if anyone has been having similar problems? Has anyone heard anything about Google and maybe making changes in the way they index/crawl blogs? Any hints/tips at all that have maybe worked for you when your indexing dried up.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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