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google is telling me I have they detected duplicate video titles in my site map

  1. I can't find much info about this, and I'm not computer savvy.
    I sumitted a sitemap into google's webmater tools months ago and just recently they put a big red X next to my sitemap feed and giving me this error message:

    We've detected duplicate video titles.
    We've detected duplicate video titles in your sitemap or feed. Duplicate titles make it difficult for users to discern the content of the video. Make the titles more specific so they better reflect the content of the video.

    Since then I've been getting no referers to my blog. I checked for duplicate video titles but can't find any (I only have 14 video's total).

    Has anyone else been having trouble with this? I can't find a clear answer anywhere on google's Help section.

    Any idea's or help would be great.



    The blog I need help with is

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