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    I am so noob. I googled my website and this is what appeared: WordPress | Just another WordPress site on google. How can I get rid of that. Also I wanted to make my site private and went to support to find answer but the page it shows is not like mine. When I go to settings, then reading I can not make it private. Please Help. I would greatly apppreciate it.

    The blog I need help with is


    That “Just another WordPress site” on Google is (one of) the default taglines when you create a new blog. You can change that in Settings -> General.

    As for changing it to private go to Settings -> Reading, and select “I would like my site to be private….” I believe that private sites shouldn’t come up on search engines, but I could be wrong. You should be able to just click on the little circle next to the option, and then save that.

    Privacy Settings – Support –


    Whoops sorry your blog is and not You have a self hosted blog, and need to go to the forums: You may need to create another account there.

    This forum is for WordPress.COM support only, sorry. They are totally different, and most of us have no experience with the .ORG version.



    I’m not sure I understand the last comment, my website is a .com. It’s posted at the bottom of my first post. About the privacy thing, I tried to do what you’re talking about but it’s not there. I go to settings, readings and according to wordpress support it should be below search visibility and it just isn’t.


    Yes, I believe that this is because your blog is a WordPress.ORG one (it says so on your blog under Meta, and at the bottom of the page, it has a link to WordPress.ORG.

    The support documents on this site are for WordPress.COM blogs, not the self-hosted ones on WordPress.ORG. If you’re confused about the differences see here: But the link you’ve given to The Music Vibe, is a WordPress.ORG site. So they have changes, and I would have to assume that WordPress.ORG sites don’t have the private setting, because instead they would just keep it from going live, if they wanted it private.

    You really need to ask for help over at the forums, we can’t help here.

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