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    I’m considering beginning a new travel photo blog with a map of the travels as the home page. And, hopefully, clickable locations on the map which will take the user to the narrative and photos for that location.

    Is there a map capability in that makes that possible? Perhaps using Google maps?

    Or must I work on that blog in And, if so, is there an easy way to find information on just how to do that?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    John Kendrick



    That is NOT going to be easy no matter what platform you attempt it on. My personal recommendation would be to use CommunityWalk maps overlaid over Google Maps, on (since CommunityWalk maps aren’t supported here).

    You COULD do it more simply, but with more work, by building up the map using small blocks, like a jigsaw puzzle, and on the small block that contains the spot you want to link to a page, make that block image a clickable link. Am I explaining this adequately? The coding for that is simple, but first you have to make the BIG image and then break it down into all the smaller blocks and upload them and set them in order.



    thanks for the reply, rc. I was afraid of that. Since I posted my original comment, I’ve done a bit more research and have come to the same conclusion. Just hoped I might be missing some obviously easy solution.

    I’m obviously trying to decide whether to do it in or not. And this gives me a bit of impetus to shift this particular website over there. I’ll take alook at CommunityWalk maps just to see how they might work.


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