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  1. torontostreetcars

    I have created my own map on google maps, which I now want to embed in a post. Here is a link to the map:

    I followed the support pages information and received the following embed link:

    <iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

    However, whenever I hit preview post, I cannot see the map, and if I hit Save Draft, the above link disappears altogether. What do I have to do to embed this on my site?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you putting it in the Text or the Visual editors?

  3. torontostreetcars


  4. I just tried it in text, and it has the same problem - the info disappears if I save the draft, and does not show up in when I preview the post.

  5. I am wondering if the issue is not related to the information provided by Google Maps. I did this as a test and had the same issue as torontostreetcars.

  6. torontostreetcars

    I tried it again, and I still get the problem, and yes I am getting the same information, so it's not me.

  7. Your URL suggests you're using Google Maps Engine. I believe that's not yet supported at See this thread:

  8. Sorry, this thread:
    Allow Maps Engine Maps

  9. Ah, good catch. There are no value-added iterations of Google Maps that work here. ONLY the bare Google Maps embed. If you want to show a route or something, use a PNG file or something similar.

  10. Not having much luck with links, am I?
    Allow Maps Engine Maps

  11. If only they provided a flash code instead of an iframe, there could be a workaround. There's nothing we can do with unsupported iframes.

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