Google Maps alternative to Platial?

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    With Platial going away (sucks!), how quickly can I expect an alternative, hopefully in the form of a Google Maps widget, to be made available at my hosted blog? This is a feature that, if missing, might drive me to host my own wordpress instance.

    Andrew Davidoff

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you aware of the geotagging feature which is intended to be extended?

    Also I sincerely doubt that your threatened departure from the realm of free blogs and free hosting to paid hosting will be a significant factor in any decision making about widget additions. lol :D Those decisions are based on the preservation of security on this multiuser blogging platform which currently has 10.2 million free hosted blogs.



    BTW You can easily embed Google Maps into your blog. Here is the link to the support documentation >

    Happy blogging! :)


    I’m not trying to threaten anyone, I just thought that, even as a free service, might be interested in what its users do and don’t like about its offering. The Platial widget provided a very specific feature that I feel I require, and now it’s gone, and there’s no alternative available from the hosted blogs. That seemed like it’d be valuable to communicate.

    Geotagging is interesting, but it’s not the feature I’m looking for.

    I’d /much/ prefer if I could have a Google Map listed on my sidebar, but embedding one in a page might work for me, maybe even when combined with the Text widget. Thanks for the link.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blogging. :)



    Oh! I just remembered something. If you would also like to include a Google calendar there is a workaround found here >



    You can try ZeeMaps ( We offer many different ways to create, customize and publish maps. Let us know (support at zeemaps dot com) if we can help in any way.



    Do your maps fall inside or outside of these code restrictions?

    If they contain any restricted code such as Embeds, Flash, HTML, IFrames, Javascript, then your posting here will simply confuse bloggers, and that’s why I’m asking.



    Embedding Google Maps does not seem to be working. The only way it half works is if I save a new page or post and then preview it – all seems to be OK. If I then publish, the map disappears and I get a “search not found” page instead of the map- which first appears momentarily as a blank square.

    I have tried adding the embed code to an existing page or post and all that happens is that the code shows on the page or post.

    I am using the visual editor not the html editor in all cases and am copying and posting the embed code unaltered from Google Maps.



    I’ve had a great deal of success posting Google maps. The problem is, you’re not following the proper instructions: You need to post the LINK code, in accordance with the Support instructions.

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