Google Maps doesn’t get converted to [googlemaps] shortcode

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    According to the article, when using Block Editor, after entering Google Maps generated code and saving it, it should change to [googlemaps] shortcode. However, it doesn’t in my case.

    I’m using WordPress 5.2.2–pl_PL. I did experiment a bit with various plugins, however, at the moment the [googlemaps] shortcode doesn’t seem to be recognized at all. (When entered directly by a Shortcode block element it just renders the text directly.)

    For the test, I’m having a page where the only block is the ‘Własny HTML’ which I expect to be the ‘Custom HTML’ element. There I tried to paste two versions.

    First is the one created currently by Google Maps:

    Second is the same address but adapted to the form shown in the article:

    Both forms use:
    width=’100%’ height=’550′
    instead of default:
    width=’640′ height=’480′

    Now, the embedded map works fine on the page. Or at least it looks so. However, lack of conversion bothers me so I’m trying to determine why it happens.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi –

    You’ll want to post this in forums for at as you are set up on the open source software.

    There’s also a Gutenberg specific forum at



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