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Google Maps in posts

  1. I have tried several times to embed a google map in a post of mine, which seems to work. However, when you next open the post it disappears and you're just left with a 'view larger map' link at the bottom.
    Any ideas?

  2. They are disabled. This has to do with security concerns about JavaScript from external sources.

    Google now allows you to embed a map as an image without JavaScript, which works just fine with's security policy.

    However you'll need to read the instructions from Google carefully, since this is a little more complicated than just pasting the code as usual.

  3. deltafoxtrot, thank you very much for this info and for the links. I'm going to try this out :-)

  4. isadora, you're most welcome. I should have shared this on the forums earlier.

    One more thought on this thing: If you're on a custom domain (as I am) the map won't display in the Rich-Text Editor. On the Blog however it will appear just fine. That is because your Google allows the image to be loaded only from the domain associated with the API-Key.

    Multiple API-Keys for multiple domains are possible

  5. That hint about the visual editor is going to spare us some support questions... :-) Thanks again.

  6. Thank you, deltafoxtrot. Very helpful and already bookmarked.

  7. I'll throw a quick howto together. Stay tuned

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