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Google Maps/contact details

  1. mitaroygoahotel

    If I give you the latitude and longitude of the marker, will you be able to manually add it to the map ???

  2. No, the map only works off of addresses.

    In this case, I recommend unchecking the map in the widget, as the address will still be linked to Google Maps.

  3. mitaroygoahotel

    That is really a pity.

    WordPress should allow the address to be verified in different ways...

  4. We are working on that, but for now Google is our only option.

  5. The map has spontaneously disappeared for me. Not only that, but my site is now showing up in what appears to be a mobile version even though I'm looking at the site on a desktop computer (i.e., a full-width, regular-sized desktop computer screen). I'm guessing the two are not related, but I thought that I would check ... !

  6. I can see the map and regular non-mobile site at

    I recommend clearing your browser's cache:

  7. I'm on a different computer now, and not having the same problem. I don't know what was going on earlier, on that other computer. I have a thread open in the Premium section regarding the mobile version of my site showing up when I would not expect it to do so (i.e., on a non-mobile device with a regular-sized screen and fully open browser window). I'm not sure how that issue may relate to the map not showing up in the same situation. Thanks for all of your help, macmanx!

  8. You're welcome!

    Clearing your browser's cache will probably fix it on the other computer.

  9. FYI - I had the same type of problem. My map was in the ocean. I have fixed it. I pasted the address into Google mapsand Google reformatted my address a wee bit. I copied their version of the address, pasted it back into the contact address firld, saved, reloaded and now it is good.

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