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    Thanks for input…

    We are a news site that has posted for over a year in Google News. Our site is on

    Recently, changes over at G News forced us to resubmit our sitemaps. Our news sitemap is the problem.

    We have been trying endlessly to upload a page from our site/blog over to G News. G News is not accepting it. The G News error keeps saying we are sending an html file. How can we send an xml file with a address? It is posted on a page and can be seen online…. but only in html not in xml format.

    Thanks for your help everyone.

    The blog I need help with is


    Due to changes at G, there are new procedures here as well. See this support document: .



    Thanks for your assist. Our dedicated domain is already verified in Google Webmaster Tools. Google News is asking us to submit an xml address for our sitemap (this is the new method they’re using now). When we put our domain address + xml in a URL it shows no data. Is this because it’s not using the root URL? We could submit to Google using the root address. thanks again for any ideas / help.

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