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    I recently created my blog and found that all the newly created article pages showed up in Google search results within a few days which was great. A couple of days ago I changed my theme which caused only a few articles on my homepage to be shown and the rest to be archived. When I made this change Google dropped the archived pages from the search results and only indexed the articles from the homepage.

    I have switched back to a theme that now shows links to all my articles from the homepage and am hoping this will cause the pages to be re-indexed again in Google. Is this a common issue with indexing on WordPress or am I doing something wrong.

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    No, I’ve never heard of this effect before. Google is, however, deeply screwed up with respect to WP blogs right now; both and blogs are not showing in Google the way they should be right now. Google is obviously tweaking the way they index blogs, and they’ve done something deeply boneheaded. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


    Hey, your not alone, has been screwed up the past three days as well….it started Friday Morning! Does anyone know what google is doing? And when they are going to fix this bug?

    My pages new posts aren’t even showing up in google blog search

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