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Google PageRank

  1. Is there anyone who has some experences in using GooglePR??

    I just start using it and also post about this in my blog. you can check hows look like in my blog..

    Here is the direct link..

    I dont know whether the count that is shown in image is correct or not..

    Could you plz give me your blog link if you are already using GooglePR in your weblog?

  2. I use:

    But the pagerank system updates I think every 3-4 months. Maybe by this Fall it might update again and change for you.

  3. Meh - I've had one for a long time.

    But if you want an excellent and insightful page rank tool then use this one

    Be prepared to wait and watch it analyze step by step every bit of information on your front page. You will be able to gain lots of information about which tags score higher.

  4. Thanks so much for your answers..

  5. one thing i noticed is that it takes LONGER to get your page rank higher if you are on than if you had your .com or .org site

    for a month i went off to and in that ONE month my page rank on that site shot up to 5

    whereas now, even though i get good traffic, have three times the incoming links and three times the # of blogs linking to me, i am still only a page rank 4

  6. @eteraz
    I can't detect either a question or an answer in your support forum post and that's what this forum is for.
    I'm assuming from the content of your post that you are not happy here. I'm sorry to hear that. A comparison between and services is found in the FAQs blog here
    Bloghosting is not expensive and hosting information can be found here As you have already tried it I'm puzzled why you are hear telling us that you are unhappy when you could be over there improving your page rank.

  7. @eteraz, Yeah. I think so..

    @timethief, We are not saying that we are not happy to use WordPress even wordpress offer the great service as FREE. We do appreciate for that. and we really thank to all people who are from WordPress...

    one thing is.. what should i do if I cant' import all posts from to paid-server.
    Discussion :

    Thanks to WordPress and all of you..

  8. one thing i noticed is that it takes LONGER to get your page rank higher if you are on than if you had your .com or .org site

    Gotta disagree with that statement, especially knowing the last three Google updates on public PRs had issues.

  9. ACK! My page rank dropped by one point. But before, it rose. WHY??

  10. "takes LONGER to get your page rank higher if you are on"

    Whoa, couldn't prove it by me: I was so confused when I first got a blog here I posted near gibberish --to figure out how it worked; one -two a day dribbled in to look. But within TWO months: WP blog is PR 5, with some posts returned higher on results page than institutions --technorati puts it among first half million of 57 million blogs they track. But not even one comment, on any page.

    Another blog: about to have my one-year anniversary, over 100 pages, tons of traffic, bookmarks, comments --PR: 1
    Why? Makes me crazy. I'm the same writer --for both, same grabbing-type headlines, same sarcasism (only the title and focus are different).... If I knew how/why I could fix the one with national & international readership.
    Only difference between the two: higher PR is on WP blog. I suspect: Google Loves WP and their blogs....

  11. Every blog has and links right there. So their high page rank helps every blog on Like how a Google link is right there on every Blogger blog.

  12. Nosy: Maybe --all WP dot com blogs help all the other WP blogs, but I don't think so.
    a) If true wouldn't ALL of us have PR of say 7 -8 or -9? Plenty WP blogs have high PR, but more have low PR. Why?

    b)Also: if you were correct, if Google's alogorithm (sp?) worked that way wouldn't Google bump every Blogger/Blogspot publisher up? --They own, they could make even more money if having a Google-based blog got you higher PR, but it doesn't. --Proof: my PR 1 blog is on Blogger....

  13. a) If true wouldn't ALL of us have PR of say 7 -8 or -9? Plenty WP blogs have high PR, but more have low PR. Why?

    PR 9 sites are VERY few and far between. 5 is good, anything over 5 is great for a blog.

  14. Hmm, I dropped from a 6 to a 4 for the main blog. That's strange.

  15. Did you find out why? I just Googled something that I was number one on Google since the story broke. Now I'm on page six for the same thing that got me placed as number one before.

  16. I don't have an 'in' with Google staff so I can't find out. I did have different PRs though for the blog with and without the 'www' in the URL which was strange. They're now the same. Still have a fairly high rank for the subdomains though (4-7) and appear highly ranked among a number of searches.

    The last few updates were reported as being 'broken.' Maybe Google 'fixed' things this time around.

  17. nosysnoop

    I too was on page one of google for a particular search term, which I realised after a post got too many hits. I even updated the story with a lot more information and guess what all of a sudden I am nowhere to be seen on any google page!

  18. I even updated the story with a lot more information

    Did you edit the title? Don't do that because it breaks the source and Google won't recognize it. You can edit the rest of the entry but if the post is old, never change the title because once it's indexed on search engines, changing the title will break the code. Unless someone remembers exactly what the title used to be. That happened to me one time but I fixed it and I checked Google and then it went through insteadof saying Not Found.

    drmike, you think the pageranks of and .org being higher now might be the reason? .com was 7 but now it's 9. And .org was 8 and now that's also a 9.

  19. nosysnoop

    No, I didn't edit the title. Thanks for the info though, would keep that in mind when I am editing posts.


  20. will having a google PR link / stat on the blog actually increase traffic??

    just wondering...

  21. Not that I've noticed. It's just a sort of boasty thing (note: I'm the boastiest of the boasty, so this is not a value judgement).

  22. hi

    whether i have to upload to world press my website where people can comment in forum on differen topics or whether i can keep the website with out uploading into world press and how to earn revenue from advertisements.


  23. @mlao
    You are in the wrong place. You can convince yourself of that by reading the pink sticky post at the head of the forum with the title "Please read me first before posting"
    After your read that you will need to be over here

  24. My blog have a lot of traffic, full of contents, always appear on the first page of Google Search. But PR still ...0.
    Compare to my friend's one: 04 months traffic = 1 week of mine, less contents and comments, but his PR is...3!!!
    Never understand!!!

  25. It seem that Google just updated Page Ranks today for all web site over internet.
    My blog now ranks at 4/10.
    Visit my blog and you could check your page's rank there (by clicking on my PR icon on the right).

    Have fun. :)

  26. Yes, they just gave a MAJOR downgrade to everyone who pays for or sells links, and to all interlinked blog networks like the one I work for at shoeblogs. But it looks like blogs got a bit of a promotion! I went up to five.

    I love this page:

  27. Please bare with me, I am new at this whole blogging and technology game.

    Can someone help me to understand the basics of page ranking from what it really is and how to take full advantage of it?

    I have read a lot of posts etc. it is always written in a format that assumes you know the basics of it.


  28. May I ask, what is the use of Pagerank???
    But then and again, if this is just some blog competition... how fair it is???


  29. @scopettg

    Just do a google search on "what is pagerank and there will be some good information.

  30. It returns a 'whole page' of very complicated and confusing explanation?! Hahaha... Just as expected.
    It says a vote, a page... and all those equations... (

    Sacred... It's giving me an headache...
    Got to turn in. I have alot of things tomorrow.



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