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Google PageRank

  1. That's how it goes: some things on the internet, particuarly google-hacking, are not simple.

  2. and to all interlinked blog networks like the one I work for at shoeblogs.

    You mean the blogroll with all the link exchanges? But that's what every celeb blog does like my other blog who's pagerank is still the same. But my new blog finally has pagerank! I have to now check all the other layout sites to see what their rank is. Could be like my other blog that I didn't have the traffic but I had higher pagerank. I rather have traffic. :) And I always tell people never pay for links or traffic.

    May I ask, what is the use of Pagerank???

    Pagerank determines what gets placed on search engines in what order. Could be millions of entries on Britney Spears. But if you have high pagerank, your blog might appear in the first page or second or third pages getting traffic to your site instead of being on page 500. Like if you're talking about a celebrity or anyone in the public eye, write their full name and not just a nickname or first name. Because when people search for what they're searching for, they type in the full name usually. And make sure you spell everything right. I think I got top Google listing for Hayden Panettiere Myspace layouts because I spelled her name right!

  3. Link exchanges are one of the things that's caused the downgrade. I am sure they took a massive hit. Today we've had no referals at all from, for example, whereas we easily get 20 on a typical day.

    But by network I mean a whole group of blogs owned by one person that give one another links, things like Gawker Media and Manolo's shoeblogs empire.

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  5. I read somewhere a few months ago that the big companies are getting downgraded on Google while smaller to complete unknowns are getting more rank.

  6. Hi mymyspacelayouts,

    So in short... It's just how forward are the search results due to pagerank?
    It seems very 'sophisticated' that there shall be such programs to accurately decide the contents of the zounds of webpages. Maybe you mean when more people click on that page for the search, then the rank will go up, and that page will be more forward in google search results.

    I came a across a blogger who complained about his pagerank becoming 0~4 no matter what he wrote or tried after he changed his host but his hits shot up. Hahaha... I suppose then there is no need to bother about pagerank if the host is ok enough, and we just blog whatever we want can oredi. And the rest depends on Google.

    I think if you link me, maybe my pagerank will go higher...? Then we should focus on how to get people to link our blogs... Hahaha...

    Thanks, and nice knowing you. Any blog you know got Pagerank 1? Maybe can let me go and see. Hahahaha...


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