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Google Plus 1 button

  1. Seems Google do not provide a non-javascript version - what will WP do about this for us?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Although it does not show up in the support document on sharing, +1 is now built into the sharing here.

  3. Hi TSP - I don't see it mentioned in either spot, neither your link above nor on the Google page. :(

    Maybe I'm just having a dumb day.

  4. If you go to settings > sharing in your dashboard, the Google +1 thing is there. I have it on my blog here: .

  5. Thanks TSP - told you I was having a dumb day!

  6. No dumb days, and you are welcome.

  7. I followed TSP's instructions and the +1 button does not appear on my blog. It appears in the settings / share page, but on my actual blog it is not there. Any advice. This is my blog:

  8. @wplante: Did you solve this already? Because I can see your Google +1 button perfectly.

  9. I can see it in Internet Explorer and Safari, but I can't see it in Google Chrome. Isn't that ironic! Maybe Google is blocking it while they get thier start up problems worked out? Any ideas?

  10. Thanks, but this post on Chrome seems to discuss font rendering issues - in other words, the button shows up, but it is hard to see or fuzzy. In my case, it's just not there. Otherwise, I think there would be a blank space or some hint that there is a button hiding somewhere. Nothing. Am I the only one? I will see if there is a newer release of Chrome I can load.

  11. Understood. It appears there are other Chrome issues that Staff are aware of and they can add this one to their list. The latest upgrades for all browsers can be found here >

  12. How can I put a plus one button on my blog's home page?

  13. @oysteingarnes As far as I know, the only way to use the Google plus one button is in posts & pages, not on the "home page" in a widget or something. If you want to have it on a static page (if your home page isn't your blog, but a welcome page or about page), just make sure that you have your sharing set to allow it on posts, pages, and index pages. (Settings > Sharing, then scroll down for that setting.)

    You can set buttons in a widget for people to add your blog to their Google reader or as a module in their igoogle home page using plain html.

  14. afriendtoyourself

    how do i get it on a widget?

  15. Hi, friendtoyourself! You can't (as far as I know) add the google +1 in a widget, but if you want the Google Reader button or the add to igoogle button in a widget, I have instructions here:

  16. Here -- so you don't have to hop to the site:

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Add to iGoogle" border="0" /></a>   <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Add to iGoogle</strong></a>
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Feed to Google" border="0" /></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Feed to Google Reader</strong></a>
  17. Sorry about the non-wrapping lines! I didn't think about that when I copied -- time for me to close the computer for the night, I think!

  18. And here's a link to the "add to igoogle" button generator:

  19. Also, if you use the code above for the Google Reader & igoogle buttons, be sure to replace my urls with your own & save the images to your own media library. :)

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