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Google plus service improvement request

  1. I have 3 suggestions/queries-
    1. In the stats section of wordpress, followers (includes Publicize) of facebook, tumblr,twitter are shown but not of google plus. Kindly add the number of google plus followers to the main followers list.

    2. I have a google plus page besides my profile. The page also have few followers, can this follower counts also be shown in the total follower count.

    3.Please allow Publicize function for google plus pages too (besides profile).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. About #2 and 3: Staff have said elsewhere in the forums that support for Google Plus Pages is coming, but there is currently no ETA.

  3. @justjennifer
    Thanks for taking care of the issue.

  4. I can't take "care" of anything other than to point out that Staff have already noted the requests in these forums for inclusion of Google+ Pages. :)

  5. I would very much like to add the meta tag for rel=publisher and connect it to our Google+ Business page.
    How do I do that on the hosted website?

  6. Hi everybody,
    It's probably time to thanks the wordpress team.

    They are serious about our requests and they approved the concerns expressed by users here in this thread in regard to google plus services.

    I am currently using the new feature now and will drop feedback here, if any further improvement needed, based on my user experience. I will request other wordpress users too, to share their feedback here, so that wordpress team can improve the service.

    However, in the widgets section there is no easy option to show google plus page icons, I will request the wordpress team to look into it too.

    Thanks for enabling the google plus feature to its fullest. We are honoured.

  7. Thanks for your patience. There were various things we needed to work through with Google and are very happy to enable Google+ Pages too.


  8. @kraftbj

    Thanks kraftbj. One more thing required in my opinion, is the inclusion of every google plus page's follower counts in the total follower stats/counts alike the service you provide now for facebook,twitter and tumblr. Since each google plus page is followed by various individuals who follow the wordpress blog this will be helpful.
    Merry christmas!

  9. Thanks for the suggestion. We're not pulling in the follower count internally (so can't display it as part of site stats). I'm checking with the team on if there's something on our end we can change or a limitation outside of our control.


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