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Google PR update

  1. Looks like Google updated it's datacenters this weekend.

    Some sites updated, some didn't. All of mine stayed the same.

    You can do a lookup of your site's PR here.

  2. Nope, no changes for me.

    Still zero for two of my four blogs :(

  3. Kewl tool, thanks for the link.
    I'm glad that the blog kept it's rank, and consistent in all the data centers listed.
    Now that I know how difficult WP is, really REALLY glad I didn't export the blog to WP. I'd be crazed by now.

  4. Thanks for the link. My little blog has kept its rank as well.

  5. Still the same. :) The rug hasn't been pulled out from under me yet.

  6. Still the same here too.

  7. Bhaaahahahhaahaaaa :(


  8. Blast! I must have been on the low end of my rank as I was almost sure I'd go up one!

  9. Something's funky with this update as my old test blog is still showing a PR5 and most of the links to it have disappeared or been moved to the new blog. Still not showing any inbound links on Google to any of my sites either although I have pages listed in Google's database.

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