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  1. How do I get my blog and/or certain posts to not show up on Google Reader? Even deleted posts show up so anybody can read them. I NEED HELP!!

  2. Don't EVER publish them publicly. That's your only option. Set your whole blog as Private under Settings or set individual posts as Private on the right-hand side of the Write Post box.

  3. What if I already posted it, deleted it, and then set my entire blog as private?

    I don't understand why posts still show up on Google Reader even if your blog is private. Frustrating.

  4. Don't know much about Google Reader but you could have a caching issue with your computer keeping a copy of the information - try clearing your cache and forcing a page update.

    That said - Google is forever - once it (and other search engines) get a piece of information it will probably be somewhere forever. You can use the Webmaster Tools to verify ownership of the domain and then request the Posts be deleted from the search results.

  5. Thank you! I think I might have figured it out.

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