Google Reader is posting old posts when I edit them

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    It never used to do this before. I would edit an old post and it would simply update without it showing up on Google Reader. Now it shows up as a new post even if it is from several years ago. I’d rather not have this happen. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Member automatically sends updates to search engines every time you update or delete a page or post.

    Immediately after you publish or delete a page or post, your blog sends a ping to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. These immediate notifications help the major search engines receive your new content as quickly as possible (often within seconds) so your blog can show up in search results faster.We send sitemap update notifications to major search engines every time your site content changes. Each post edit or approved comment results in a new notification. This update frequency is the preferred behavior of search engines interested in discovering fresh content without needing to revisit your blog unnecessarily.” — Niall Kennedy in



    It didn’t used to do that, alas. Is the actual “posted on” date of the posts changing as well? If so, report that to staff and change it back manually.



    I had this same problem tonight. I updated the category on a post from four years ago, and it showed up in Google Reader as a new post. I’m wanting to update the category on a number of posts, but now it seems as if there’s no way to do this behind the scenes.

    What do I do? I need to be able to update an old post without it showing up in Google Reader as a new post!



    @r8chel: Just an idea… Would it work if you made your blog temporarily private, updated the post, and then made your blog public again? Perhaps a volunteer could confirm if that would work.

    (great nickname btw :-)

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