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    I am trying to send stories etc from my Google Reader to WordPress Blog. It works fine for small posts but when try with a large post it fails. my browser displays Problem loading page and The connection was reset, blah blah.

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you mean you are trying to post content from other blogs to your blog automatically? I don’t see any such content on your blog at the moment. Can you give us an example?

    It is probably failing in a large post because that’s a copyright violation, and autoposted material is banned here. You can reblog things, but that only takes a maximum of the first 75 words.



    Thanks for reply.
    I am trying to help a friend do this but have been using my blog as a test bed. Yes I am trying to post content from other blogs to my wordpress blog. By The Way, All works fine to my Blogger blog. We work in education and we are trying to bring all students blog posts through to a main blog site where all staff and student can go to to view everyone else’s. This would be managed by the tutor.

    Thanks for your information in your second paragraph. Maybe it could be something to do with this.
    Cant believe more people have not had this issue.

    I used the following code in my settings, send to tab in Google reader${url}&t=${title}&s=${body}
    you will notice at the end it allows the URL, TITLE and BODY.

    Now i have just worked out a possible sneaky way around it! If i use the following code into my send to settings in Google Reader,


    then when i am in google reader copy the text body of the post. Then go to send to which goes to WordPress which just gives me title and link then i paste into the post!

    Not ideal but seems to get round my problem! If you have any further comments i would much appreciate them.

    many thanks for your time.



    More people haven’t experienced this problem because blogs that autopost entire posts usually get deleted here. I take it you have the specific permission of those students, so that gets around the copyright issue, but not the policy against roboposted material. is not suitable as an aggregator. WordPress.ORG is.



    Yes i have specific perm from the students. Some do choose to remain private which is fine. I will look into Many thanks for your guidance and ideas.



    You’re welcome. You’ll find aggregation works smoothly at, and you have more options for differentiation between the posts of different students, things which simply are not available here. This is a good platform for personal or professional blogging, but a rotten one for aggregation; it’s specifically set up to prevent it.

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