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  1. Hi,

    My blog is not being shown in google search.
    Please do let me know what needs to be done.I have already slected the option to make the blog visible to search engine.
    Would be thankful for any help or suggestion.

    Thanks and Regards

  2. It' a standard complaint that it takes google spiders ages to find blogs. Blogs are not their priority - news is. Yahoo and other search engines are almost guaranteed to find your blog first, unless your blog is citing some headline news being reported all over the world. Remain calm knowing this is the common pattern and knowing this is nothing to be disturbed about. Remember you're not writing for google you are writing because writing is your passion so keep your priorities in that order and you'll do just fine. Best regards.

  3. You might also want to read this from the FAQ:

  4. Hey Guys..Thanks for your reply..;-)
    Geees I already love the place and the people who inhabit it..-)

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